Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 2024: AI-Powered Editing and New Features

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 2024: AI-Powered Editing and New Features

Adobe, the industry leader in creative software solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation: Photoshop Elements 2024. This groundbreaking photo editing tool, powered by artificial intelligence, promises an unparalleled editing experience. The new version boasts an enhanced user interface, along with a myriad of features designed to simplify the photo editing process. Additionally, Adobe has introduced Premium Elements 2024, a user-friendly video editing tool that complements the Photoshop Elements suite.

Affordable and Accessible: Available for Various Platforms

Photoshop Elements 2024 caters to a wide audience, offering compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems. For users on the go, Adobe provides companion apps for Android and iOS smartphones. Unlike the full version of Photoshop, Elements requires no subscription commitment. A one-time license, priced at just $99.99, provides access to a wealth of editing capabilities.

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What’s New in Photoshop Elements 2024?

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 2024: AI-Powered Editing and New Features

1. Refreshed User Interface with Dark Mode

The 2024 edition features a revamped UI, complete with a dedicated dark mode and streamlined access to essential features. This design overhaul ensures a seamless and intuitive editing experience.

2. Match Colour Feature

A standout feature of the new release is the Match Colour tool. This innovative addition empowers users to effortlessly adjust picture colours. With built-in presets or custom selections, achieving the perfect tone is just a click away.

3. Creative Video Editing

Photoshop Elements 2024 enables users to create captivating short reels (vertical videos) using a few photos. Enhancements include the ability to add graphics, text, and other effects, transforming ordinary images into dynamic visual stories.

4. AI-Powered Editing Tools

This edition introduces an array of AI-powered editing features. From jpeg artefact removal for sharper images to one-click background removal, the software automates complex tasks. Additional features include auto smart fix and smooth skin tools, ensuring effortless photo enhancement.

5. Access to Adobe Stock Photos

With the purchase of a Photoshop Elements 2024 license, users gain complimentary access to Adobe Stock photos, expanding their creative resources.

For those upgrading from Photoshop Elements 2023, Adobe extends a generous discount on the latest license, enhancing affordability for loyal customers.


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