Airtel Unveils Home Wi-Fi Services Airtel Xstream AirFiber

Airtel Unveils Home Wi-Fi Services Airtel Xstream AirFiber

Airtel Xstream AirFiber

In its groundbreaking announcement, telecommunications behemoth Bharti Airtel has revealed its game-changing move towards the future – ‘Airtel Xstream AirFiber.’ This pioneering initiative ushers in India’s maiden fixed wireless access (FWA) subscription of 5G connectivity, aimed at enriching the digital lives of users in Delhi and Mumbai. The stage is set for an evolution in connectivity, as Airtel embarks on a journey to redefine home Wi-Fi experiences.

Airtel is empowering India Through Innovation

With a commitment to India’s growth and progress, Bharti Airtel proudly announces that all ‘Xstream AirFiber’ devices will be meticulously crafted within the Indian borders, a testament to the “Make in India” initiative. Airtel is poised to pioneer a transformative shift in the Indian telecommunications landscape, as it introduces the first-ever 5G wireless broadband solution. This endeavor is poised to bridge the digital divide, extending connectivity to consumers who have yet to savor the speed and reliability of a fiber broadband connection.

An Expansive Vision for Connectivity Of Airtel

Airtel’s vision extends beyond urban landscapes, as the company sets its sights on providing 5G broadband to locations across both developed and underdeveloped sectors in India. Despite a surge in fiber broadband connections, a substantial number of households – numbering in the millions – remain untouched by this digital revolution.

Airtel Xstream: Pioneering Entertainment Ecosystem

At the heart of this technological marvel lies Airtel’s commitment to revolutionizing not just connectivity, but entertainment as well. The foundation is set with the launch of ‘Airtel Xstream,’ a premier digital entertainment ecosystem that brings India’s diverse entertainment offerings to the fingertips of millions.

Redefining Entertainment: Airtel Xstream’s Vision

Adarsh Nair, CEO of Airtel Digital, passionately elucidates, “Airtel Xstream Premium stands as a transformative innovation, democratizing OTT content in India by addressing key challenges of content discovery, affordability, and distribution.” This strategic move aims to empower users with seamless access to a diverse array of content, fundamentally altering the entertainment landscape.

Elevating Your Home Broadband Experience

So, how can one embark on this transformative journey? For users in Delhi and Mumbai, accessing Airtel’s cutting-edge Xstream AirFiber service is a breeze. Residents can walk into their nearest Airtel service provider or conveniently book the service through Airtel’s official website. As a cherry on top, Airtel has thoughtfully bundled 15 OTT platforms under a single app, providing an unparalleled entertainment extravaganza.

Crafting Plans for Every Need

Delving into the details, Airtel unveils a spectrum of plans catering to diverse needs. The journey begins with plans starting at just Rs 799, offering speeds that can touch a remarkable 100 Mbps. For those seeking a more extended engagement, Airtel offers the opportunity to extend the plan up to six months with a one-time deposit of Rs 2,500.


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