Android 14 to Include Satellite Text Messaging Feature

Android 14 to Include Satellite Text Messaging Feature

In an exciting development, Google’s Pixel team has dropped hints about a groundbreaking feature that could revolutionize mobile communication technology. The team recently tweeted that Android 14 might introduce the capability to send and receive SMS messages via satellite. This much-awaited feature is poised to keep users connected even in regions with limited or no cellular coverage, according to Phone Arena.

Staying Connected with SMS Satellite Feature

Once the Android14 update is released, users will be able to leverage their devices to send and receive SMS messages, regardless of the quality of cellular coverage in their area. This means that even in remote or poorly covered regions, staying connected will no longer be a challenge. The tweet also revealed that the upcoming Android models, particularly Pixel and Galaxy phones, are likely to be equipped with the necessary hardware to support SMS via satellite.

“SMS Satellite” Feature

“SMS Satellite will be added to Android, and requires appropriate hardware, it’s up to the manufacturer then Pixel and Galaxy will be among the first to have it,” stated Pixel #TeamPixel. The much-anticipated stable version of Android14 is just around the corner, with an estimated two to three weeks remaining before its official launch. However, specific details regarding the extent of satellite support in smartphones are yet to be fully disclosed.

Apple’s Emergency SOS: A Proven Lifesaver

While the SMS satellite feature is an upcoming innovation, Apple already has its own emergency satellite feature in place. With the introduction of iPhone14 and iPhone14 Pro models, Apple users can access the Emergency SOS via satellite functionality to text emergency services when conventional cellular and Wi-Fi connections are unavailable. This life-saving feature has already demonstrated its potential, as it played a crucial role in rescuing two individuals involved in a severe car crash in the US.

According to MacRumors, the incident occurred on the treacherous Angeles Forest Highway in California’s Angeles National Forest. The vehicle careened over the side of a mountain and plunged approximately 300 feet into a remote canyon. Thankfully, an iPhone 14 within the vehicle promptly detected the crash and utilized the Emergency SOS via satellite to relay critical information to rescuers when there was no cellular signal.

About Android 14

Google is currently putting the finishing touches on Android14, gearing up for its highly anticipated major release scheduled for the end of the summer in 2023. While the most recent version available is Android 14 Beta 4, the stable version won’t be available on all the latest Android phones for at least another month. This leaves users with plenty of time to explore and discover the multitude of new features that Android14 promises to offer.


Android Version14
Release DateEnd of Summer 2023
Key HighlightSMS Satellite Feature
Supported PhonesPixel, Galaxy, and other Android models


With the imminent arrival of Android14 and its potential SMS satellite feature, staying connected in remote or poorly covered regions will no longer be a challenge for smartphone users. The incorporation of such advanced communication technology is a promising step towards enhancing connectivity and user experience.



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