Apple Ambitious iPad Lineup Upgrade for 2024

Apple Ambitious iPad Lineup Upgrade for 2024

In a strategic move to revitalize its iPad lineup, Apple is set to introduce a comprehensive upgrade across all models in 2024, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected analyst from TF International Securities. This refresh includes the introduction of a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air, alongside a revamped 10.9-inch model. Kuo’s insights hint at an attempt by Apple to compensate for the lack of significant updates in its iPad series this year.

The New iPad Air Lineup

The standout addition to Apple’s arsenal is the all-new 12.9-inch iPad Air. While foregoing the mini-LED technology present in the current iPad Pro models, it is equipped with an LCD screen featuring the same Oxide backplane technology. Kuo emphasizes that this decision maintains display performance parity with the mini-LED iPad Pro, showcasing Apple’s commitment to delivering quality across its product spectrum.

Key upgrades across the entire iPad lineup include the integration of the M3 processor and the adoption of OLED displays. These improvements are expected to enhance overall performance, responsiveness, and display quality.

Apple’s Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Air: Exploring the Leap

Projections and Future Developments

According to Kuo, there will be a modest increase in iPad shipments in 2024, reaching around 52-54 million units. This is slightly higher than the estimated 50 million units for the current year but falls short of the peak observed during the pandemic in 2022, when 63 million units were shipped. Kuo also predicts the introduction of two new OLED iPad Pros in late 2024, which will replace the current mini-LED models. These new devices will feature the M3 processor and improved form factor designs.

Challenges and Considerations

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the shipment of OLED iPad Pro models might encounter difficulties, with an estimated 6-8 million units expected in 2024. Challenges include the higher price of OLED iPads and potential cannibalization by the 12.9-inch iPad Air. Apple’s aggressive iPad lineup upgrade is aimed at leading innovation in the tablet market, incorporating advanced technologies and introducing a larger iPad Air to meet changing consumer demands.


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