Apple GPT : Apple’s Revolutionary AI Project Set to Take On ChatGPT and Google Bard

Apple GPT: Apple's Revolutionary AI Project Set to Take On ChatGPT and Google Bard

Exciting news in the tech world! Apple, the iconic Cupertino-based company, is busy working on its very own artificial intelligence (AI) project, code-named “Apple GPT.” This new development has the potential to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard. Let’s delve deeper into this thrilling AI venture by Apple.


  • Apple is currently developing its own AI project called “Apple GPT,” aiming to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.
  • The company’s AI head, John Giannandrea, and software engineering chief, Craig Federighi, are leading the AI efforts.
  • While Apple may make a significant AI announcement in 2024, specific plans are yet to be confirmed.

Apple’s Foray into AI

According to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple has shifted its focus to prioritize artificial intelligence over the past few months. The company is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, and AI seems to be their new frontier.

” Apple GPT ” in the Works

Apple has developed its own “Ajax” framework, catering to large language models like ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and Google’s Bard. Notably, Apple has even created an internal chatbot nicknamed “Apple GPT,” playfully taking inspiration from the renowned ChatGPT. While the company is yet to finalize a clear strategy for consumer products, this move highlights their determination to explore AI possibilities.

Catching Up with AI Chatbots

With AI chatbots gaining immense popularity, Apple is aware of the need to adopt cutting-edge AI technologies. They don’t want to fall behind in revolutionizing how we interact with our smartphones. To this end, the company has granted special access to a chatbot app currently under development.

AI Prototyping and Beyond

Apple’s chatbot app, while impressive, is primarily used for product prototyping. It can answer questions based on the data it has been trained on, but unfortunately, its outputs cannot be transformed into new customer features. Nevertheless, this initiative allows Apple to explore the potential of AI further.

Ajax Platform and Consideration of OpenAI’s Tech

The Ajax platform is built on Google’s Jax machine learning framework, powered by Google Cloud. Interestingly, Apple reportedly explored the possibility of partnering with OpenAI and even trialed their technology for corporate teams. However, in the end, the company opted to pursue its independent AI journey.

Apple’s Approach to AI

Apple is renowned for its commitment to user privacy. Even with the Siri personal assistant, the company has been more cautious than its competitors, ensuring that privacy remains a top priority over functionality. This ethical approach is a defining aspect of Apple’s AI initiatives.

In conclusion, the tech giant Apple is making strides in the AI landscape with its “Apple GPT” project. While the specifics of their AI endeavors are yet to be unveiled, the company’s focus on developing cutting-edge technologies is commendable.


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