Apple Working on Thinner Apple Watch X with New Features

Apple is gearing up for a significant revamp of its mainline Apple Watch, but fans will have to wait a bit longer to witness the changes. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the company is working on a sleeker “Apple Watch X,” expected to be launched in late 2024 or possibly 2025. This upcoming model is rumored to feature magnetic watch band attachment points, a blood pressure sensor, and a cutting-edge microLED screen.

Apple Watch X with Thinner Design, Blood Pressure Sensor, MicroLED Screen

One notable change in the redesign is the removal of the old mechanical attachment system for watch bands, which will free up valuable space inside the device. This extra space could be utilized to make the wearable even slimmer and house a larger battery and improved internal components. The Apple Watch Ultra, for example, received a larger battery at the cost of compactness.

The microLED screen technology has been a topic of speculation for months, known for its brightness and vivid colors. Although it’s a challenging and costly technology to implement, Apple seems determined to incorporate a scaled-down, more affordable version into its smallest-screen device.

Additionally, Apple’s plan to introduce a blood pressure sensor aligns with previous reports and could be timed to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the Apple Watch.

As for this year, the Apple Watch Series 9 is expected to receive a faster processor, marking a notable upgrade since the Series 6 launch. However, the screen sizes will remain the same as last year, which might result in a more minor update for the “Series” watches compared to the previous year.


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