Apple’s India-Made iPhone 15 Series Set to Release in India and 40 Other Countries

Apple's India-Made iPhone 15 Series Set to Release in India and 40 Other Countries

In an exciting development, Apple is all set to release its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series in India and 40 other countries on September 22. Reports from The Economic Times and Bloomberg, citing insiders, confirm this news. This launch not only marks the debut of the latest iPhone series but also brings a significant change as these phones will be manufactured in India, alongside the ones made in China.

Apple’s Strategic Focus on India and Its Manufacturing Capabilities

Foxconn Technology Group’s factory in the southern state of Tamil Nadu took charge of producing the India-made iPhones last month. This move by Apple reflects its growing confidence in its manufacturing capabilities in India, aligning with the company’s continuous expansion in the Indian market.

While Indian customers eagerly await the availability of these India-made devices, there might be slight delays due to unforeseen logistics challenges. Previously, India’s contribution to Apple’s global production was relatively small compared to China. However, the delay has significantly reduced over the years, and Apple has increased its iPhone assembly in India, reaching a notable 7% by the end of March.

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Delays in India-Made Devices and Apple’s Growth in the Indian Market

Apple’s strategic focus on India is driven by various factors. The incentives for local manufacturing provided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with trade tensions with China, have made India an essential market for Apple’s production strategy. In addition to Foxconn, other suppliers such as Pegatron Corp. and the soon-to-be Tata Group-owned Wistron Corp. factory are also expected to manufacture the iPhone 15.

Recognizing the immense potential of the rapidly growing Indian market, Apple sees it as both a retail opportunity and a crucial production base for its devices in the long term. During the quarter ending in June, iPhone sales in India experienced double-digit growth, reaching a new high, although specific numbers were not disclosed. Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged the strong performance of their stores in India and emphasized the company’s increased investment in direct-to-consumer offerings. With India being the world’s second-largest smartphone market, Apple aims to excel and make a lasting impact.

In conclusion, Apple’s upcoming release of the iPhone 15 series in India and other countries highlights the company’s commitment to expanding its manufacturing capabilities and tapping into the potential of the Indian market. The availability of India-made iPhones alongside the Chinese-made models represents a significant milestone. With the strategic focus on India and the growing demand for Apple devices, the company is poised for continued growth and success in the Indian market.


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