Ashok Selvan’s Por Thozhil Set for OTT Premiere

Ashok Selvan's Por Thozhil Set for OTT Premiere

The highly-acclaimed crime thriller, Por Thozhil, directed by debutant Vignesh Raja and featuring Ashok Selvan, Sarath Kumar, and Nikhila Vimal in lead roles, has received resounding applause from both audiences and critics since its theatrical release on June 9, 2023. Now, eager fans can catch the gripping movie on the popular OTT platform Sony Liv, with its digital premiere scheduled for August 4.

Por Thozhil follows the gripping narrative of a seasoned police officer and his determined trainee, delving into a series of mysterious murder cases. As the investigation unfolds, the duo stumbles upon a shocking revelation—all the murders are interconnected, pointing to the work of a cunning psychopath on the loose. The film’s trailer has already showcased the riveting performances of Ashok Selvan and Sarath Kumar as police officers, determined to track down the serial killer preying on women.

Por Thozhil A Unique Take on the Crime Thriller Genre

Unlike traditional whodunit crime thrillers, Por Thozhil stands out with its unconventional storytelling approach. The movie captivates viewers with its effective screenplay and inventive writing, keeping them at the edge of their seats throughout. The intriguing plot twists and engaging narrative make it a must-watch for all thriller enthusiasts. Por Thozhil is a collaborative effort by Applause Entertainment, E4 Experiments, and Eprius Studio, and it lives up to its promise of delivering a compelling investigative thriller. With a translation that means ‘The Art of War,’ the film intricately weaves together elements of suspense and psychological drama, leaving the audience enthralled.

As August 4 draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the OTT premiere of Por Thozhil on Sony Liv, where they can immerse themselves in this riveting crime thriller that offers a refreshing take on the genre.


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