ASUS Zenfone series is not ending, company confirms

ASUS Zenfone

ASUS, the Taiwanese tech giant, has denied the rumors that it will discontinue its Zenfone series of smartphones after the Zenfone 10. The company said that it will continue to offer both the ROG Phone and the Zenfone product lines.

ASUS Zenfone Rumors and statement

The rumors started from a report from Taiwan that claimed that ASUS will shut down the Zenfone division and merge its resources with the ROG Phone team. The report also said that the employees from the Zenfone team will either join other departments within the company or transition to the ROG Phone team.

However, ASUS issued an official statement to refute these claims and said that the Zenfone 10 will not be the last generation of the series and that it will continue to launch new products under both the ROG Phone and the Zenfone brands. The company also teased its 2024 product lineups and asked everyone to stay tuned for more updates.

The statement reads as follows:

We would like to address the rumor that ASUS Zenfone 10 will be the last generation of the series and the ASUS Zenfone product line will be shut down. This is not true. We will continue our two main phone business product lines, the ROG Phone and the Zenfone. ASUS has a strong commitment to our smartphone business and customers. Please reference our Q2 earnings call for more information. Please stay tuned for our 2024 product lineups.



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