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During a presentation to potential investors, Ferrari revealed that it will be 60 percent electrified by the year 2026. This includes the electric vehicle that was promised the previous year. At that time, sixty percent of its vehicles will be hybrid or fully electric, with the remaining forty percent being combustion-powered vehicles. Even after reaching the ultimate goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030, the company plans to keep developing vehicles powered by internal combustion engines (ICE).

“Three powertrains with distinct driving emotions” available by the year 2026. It will utilize its experience in Formula One and other forms of racing to inform its hybrid powertrain design, while its electric engines will be “designed, handcrafted, and assembled in Maranello to ensure a one-of-a-kind driving experience also derived from racing solutions.”

Plans of ferrari According to the statement,

Back in 2019, Ferrari introduced the SF90 Stradale, which was the company’s first production plug-in hybrid vehicle. In addition to the pure ICE 812 Superfast V12 and Roma V8 models, it now offers a total of four distinct model lineups, including the Stradale and the 296 GTB plug-in V6 hybrid. According to Autocar’s analysis, this means that effectively half of its lineup is already electrified. However, that combination will shift in the near future. The upscale car manufacturer also confirmed that its much-anticipated Purosangue SUV will be released in September as a vehicle powered exclusively by ICE. This will be the case initially.

The electric vehicle that Ferrari plans to release in 2025 aims to share “strong commonalities” with the internal combustion engines that it currently produces.

“The first electric Ferrari will be rooted in our racing heritage and will draw from a wider technical reservoir while preserving all of its authenticity and consistency,”

said CEO Benedetto Vigna,

who also added that it would be “really unique from many different points of view.” This statement was made in reference to the fact that the company has a long history of success in motorsports.

In addition, Ferrari will be responsible for the assembly of the batteries in their dedicated e-building facility in Maranello. According to the company, this facility is “where electric engines, inverters, and batteries will be designed, handcrafted, and assembled.” In addition to this, it was disclosed that the maximum level of autonomy for self-driving vehicles would be set at “Level 2/2+,” and that “connectivity is first and foremost provided to enhance the ownership experience and the relationship with the client.”

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