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Okinawa Autotech to expands EV business in India by investing more than Rs 1,200 crores

Okinawa Autotech intends to inject new funds worth Rs 1,200–1,500 crore into its EV business in order to expand it. The two-wheeler manufacturer has announced a Mega Factory, which will be its third facility in the nation and produce up to 1 million scooters annually. It’s anticipated to more than double Okinawa’s highest production rate at the moment.

Okinawa Autotech Mega Factory at Rajasthan

The Okinawa Praise, R30, i-Praise, Lite, Ridge Plus, Dual, and Okhi 90 are currently available from Okinawa Autotech. The company has 74 dealership touchpoints spread across 55 cities. With over 9,000 units sold in May 2022, Okinawa Autotech experienced record sales.

In Karoli, Rajasthan, Okinawa Autotech intends to invest in building its largest manufacturing facility. To build a Mega Factory that will occupy 30 acres of space, the company is investing Rs 500 crore. By the time it is fully operational in October 2023, the plant is anticipated to have 5,000 employees.

Modern technology will be introduced to the mega facility to boost production, and it will incorporate automated powertrain manufacturing along with necessary plant automation and optimizations. The facility will have a paint shop, automated plastic body parts, and the ability to produce batteries, motor, and controller components internally. Once operational, the new Mega Factory will be able to produce 10 lakh units annually.

The second and largest plant in Okinawa, with a production capacity of 3 lakh units, has a production capacity that is more than twice as high. Two more plants, also in Rajasthan, belong to Okinawa. In addition to the Karoli Mega Factory, Okinawa plans to invest money in enhancing its R&D centres, warehouses, and supplier parks to support growth in both domestic and foreign markets.


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