HomeAutomobilesMaruti Suzuki at IIT-H shows off V2X technology for cars

Maruti Suzuki at IIT-H shows off V2X technology for cars

Maruti Suzuki at IIT-H shows off V2X technology for cars
On Wednesday, the IIT-H Campus near Kandi in the Sangareddy district hosted a demonstration of five Maruti Suzuki vehicles that had been retrofitted with a prototype version of the V2X technology.

On Wednesday, a new technology that was developed by Suzuki in association with Maruti Suzuki and IIT Hyderabad was demonstrated at the IIT-H campus here in Hyderabad and was shown to the public for the first time. This technology has the potential to help significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents and ease congestion on the roads.

The innovative technology known as V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) can send warnings to drivers of vehicles in a variety of different situations. This vehicle, which has technology installed, will have an alerting system for ambulances, an alerting system for drivers going the wrong way, an alerting system for pedestrians and motorcycles, an alerting system for road conditions, and a system that uses the vehicle as a computer.

During his remarks at the demonstration, Maruti Suzuki Executive Director Rahul Bharthi explained that drivers of cars equipped with V2X receive notifications about the location and path of approaching emergency vehicles. It is easier for the driver to plan safe maneuvers and make room for emergency vehicles when they have this information. Real-time information, such as the distance between the vehicles, will also be communicated by the warning system to all parties involved.

One of the additional features is a warning system that notifies the driver if another vehicle is approaching from the incorrect direction. In addition to this, it will warn drivers of approaching vehicles that there is a pedestrian in the area who may be in their path. Because of this, the drivers will be better equipped to take preventative action in the event of a potential collision. Drivers of automobiles can also be alerted to the presence of a two-wheeler moving at a high rate of speed and approaching from an area where they cannot see it. The driver receives information in real time about the distance to the destination as well as the heading in which they should travel. The driver gets a warning about the hazardous conditions of the road, and they are advised to drive more cautiously moving forward in their journey.

In attendance at the demonstration were individuals such as TRAI Advisor Munisekhar Avileli, Telecom Deputy DG YGSC Kishore Babu, Wireless Monitoring Organisation Director VJ Christopher, Telangana IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan, and IIT-H Director Prof. BS Murty, amongst others. The technology is in its infancy and is still in the process of being developed. According to the findings of the researchers, it might be completely operational by the year 2025 or 2030.

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