boAt Launches EnergyShroom Series: Superfast Charging Powerbanks

boAt Launches EnergyShroom Series: Superfast Charging Powerbanks with Smart Power Management

India’s leading audio and wearables brand, boAt, is once again revolutionizing the power bank market with its latest offering – the EnergyShroom series. The all-new PB 300 and PB 400 powerbanks are designed to ensure an uninterrupted power supply for all your devices, whether you’re at home, work, traveling, or exploring the wilderness. With their sleek design, cutting-edge features, and affordable prices, the EnergyShroom powerbanks are set to become a must-have accessory for tech enthusiasts on the go.

Introducing the EnergyShroom PB 300 and PB 400

The EnergyShroom PB 300 boasts a robust 10,000mAh battery capacity, while the PB 400 takes it a step further with an impressive 20,000mAh capacity. Now you can carry an abundance of charge wherever you go, never worrying about running out of power again. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or any other portable device, the EnergyShroom powerbanks are your reliable power companions.

Smart Power Management for Optimal Performance

With Smart Power Management, the EnergyShroom powerbanks offer not just a power boost but also protection for your connected devices. The intelligent technology optimizes performance and lifespan, safeguarding against potential damage. The PB 300 and PB 400 can recognize the connected device and provide up to 12 volts and up to 22.5W of power, ensuring superfast charging when you need it most.

Efficient 2-Way Charging

The EnergyShroom powerbanks come equipped with a convenient 2-way charging feature, allowing you to charge the power bank itself (Pass-through charging) while simultaneously charging other devices. The presence of a micro-USB port and a USB Type-C port allows for easy charging of the power bank, while the two USB-A ports and the USB-C port are ready to energize your devices at your command.

Compact Design, Enhanced Durability

Boasting a refined look and a sleek aluminum finish, the PB 300 and PB 400 powerbanks are designed to be not only lightweight but also extremely durable. With a weight of just 255gm and a slim profile of 16mm, these powerbanks are remarkably portable and fit effortlessly into your bag or pocket.

Advanced Safety Features

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable devices, boAt has left no stone unturned. The EnergyShroom powerbanks are equipped with a built-in 12-layer Smart IC protection system that guards against short circuits, overvoltage, overheating, overcharging, and over-discharge.

Made in India, Made for India

An exceptional feature worth highlighting is that the EnergyShroom PB 300 and PB 400 are entirely manufactured in India by boAt, an Indian company. This is a testament to boAt’s commitment to promoting domestic production and contributing to the Make in India initiative.

Color Variants and Pricing

The EnergyShroom PB 300 and PB 400 are available in two elegant color variants – Carbon Black and Steel Blue. At an introductory price of INR 999 and INR 1499, respectively, these powerbanks offer incredible value for money. You can purchase them on boAt’s official website – – and Flipkart.

Ensure your devices never run out of power again with boAt’s EnergyShroom powerbanks. Experience the ultimate charging convenience, protection, and performance, all in one sleek package.


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