boAt Rockid Rush: Wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids

boAt launches Rockid Rush: Wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids

boAt, India’s No.1 audio and wearable brand, has launched a new product for its young customers: the Rockid Rush wireless Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are designed to provide a safe and comfortable listening experience for kids, with specially tuned drivers, soft earcups, and a sound limit of 85 dB.

Features of the Rockid Rush headphones

The Rockid Rush headphones have many features that make them ideal for kids, such as:

  • Specially tuned drivers that deliver boAt signature sound and a sound limit of 85 dB
  • Soft and plush earcups that provide comfort and noise isolation
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity that offers a stable and seamless connection
  • 10 hours of battery life that allows for long listening sessions
  • Onboard controls for music, calls, volume, and voice assistant
  • Built-in microphone that enables hands-free communication
  • Kid-proof design that is durable and drop-resistant
  • Adorable stickers that let kids personalize their headphones
  • Two vibrant colors: Aqua and Coral

Specifications of the Rockid Rush headphones

Driver Size30 mm
Frequency Response20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance32 ohms
Sensitivity85 dB
Bluetooth Version5.3
Bluetooth Range10 m
Battery Capacity300 mAh
Charging Time2 hours
Playback Time10 hours
Weight120 g

The Rockid Rush headphones come with 30 mm drivers that deliver boAt’s signature sound, which is rich in bass and crisp in highs. The headphones also have a sound limit of 85 dB, which is the recommended level for children’s ears by the World Health Organization. This feature ensures that the kids are not exposed to loud sounds that can damage their hearing.

The headphones are also designed to be comfortable and durable for kids. They have soft and plush earcups that fit snugly over the ears, and a feather-light design that makes them easy to wear for long periods. The headphones are also kid-proof, with a solid build that can withstand drops and bumps. The headphones come with adorable stickers that kids can use to customize their own design.

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The Rockid Rush headphones are wireless, with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity that allows them to pair with any compatible device. The headphones have a battery life of 10 hours, which is enough for a long audio journey. The headphones also have onboard controls for play, pause, skip, volume, and voice assistant. The headphones have a built-in microphone that lets kids make hands-free calls or chat with their friends.

The Rockid Rush headphones are available in two vibrant colors: Aqua and Coral. They are priced at Rs. 2,499 and can be purchased from boAt’s website, Amazon, Flipkart, and some offline stores.

The Rockid Rush headphones are a great gift for kids who love music, movies, games, or learning. They are safe, comfortable, and fun to use, and they offer a high-quality sound that kids will enjoy.



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