boAt ‘s “Rock’In India” Campaign Celebrates the Making of 2.5 Crore+ Audio and Wearable Products

boAt 's "Rock'In India" Campaign Celebrates the Making of 2.5 Crore+ Audio and Wearable Products

India, a land of diversity, vibrancy, and boundless energy, continues to influence the modern world through innovation, creativity, and an unwavering work ethic. Amid this dynamism, boAt, India’s leading audio and wearables brand, stands as a true embodiment of contemporary and new India. The brand has not only redefined the country’s electronics industry but has also marked its commitment to the “MADE IN. BY. and FOR INDIA” ethos. A testament to this commitment is boAt’s remarkable feat of manufacturing over 2.5 crore audio and wearable products right here in India.

Celebrating boAt ‘s Monumental Milestone: 2.5 Crore+ “Made in India” Audio and Wearable Products

The “Made in India” initiative holds immense significance for indigenous brands like boAt. With an unwavering mission to contribute to the nation’s economy and generate employment opportunities, boAt stands as a beacon of the “AatmaNirbhar Bharat” philosophy. Over 70% of boAt’s audio and wearable devices are meticulously crafted on Indian soil, solidifying the brand’s role in nurturing a self-reliant India. Notably, the Government’s initiatives such as Make in India and Startup India have played a pivotal role in catalyzing boAt’s journey.

Unveiling boAt’s “Rock’In India” Campaign: A Tribute to 2.5 Crore+ Homegrown Creations

The “Rock’In India” campaign is a vivid testament to boAt’s commitment to the “Make in India” movement, intertwined with the essence of the nation’s values. This unique campaign underscores India’s deep-rooted affinity for the brand. By bringing the individuals behind this monumental achievement to the forefront, the campaign makes them the face of the accomplishment – quite literally. Featuring boAt employees and devoted customers (boAtheads) across India on digital billboards, the campaign beautifully conveys boAt’s identity as “Made in India, By Indians, and For Indians.” The campaign artfully showcases the people driving the brand’s success, symbolizing their dedication and allegiance. It’s a heartwarming tribute to the relentless contribution of everyday Indians, solidifying boAt’s values of perseverance, success, and self-sufficiency.

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“boAt’s journey stands as a testament to our commitment to India’s dynamic culture and community. The ‘Rock’In India’ campaign is an homage to our nation and a salute to all who have imbued us with the spirit of ‘Made in India.’ This campaign commemorates their dedication and support, solidifying boAt as an emblem of ‘Made in India’ excellence.”

said by Mr. Sameer Mehta, Co-founder, and CEO of boAt, ,

He further emphasized, “boAt’s success narrative finds its roots in our deep connection with Indian consumers and their preferences. Our journey has paved the way for other businesses, setting a precedent for thriving and excelling, inspiring success stories for generations.”

Apart from achieving unparalleled success, BoAt has also been a catalyst for job creation, generating over 6,000 employment opportunities. This commitment has not only uplifted local communities but has also propelled the nation’s economic progress. boAt’s unwavering focus on innovation, driven by its state-of-the-art in-house R&D department (boAt Labs), in collaboration with global tech leaders, has further cemented its reputation.

In recognition of its commitment to quality and innovation, boAt has been lauded as India’s most trusted brand in the consumer electronics segment as per the TRA Brand Trust Report of 2023. The brand’s unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction and inventive product offerings has etched a special place in the hearts of Indians, solidifying its prominence.


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