Bon-Cuisine Expands Client Portfolio, Bringing Digital Transformation to Corporate Cafeterias

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Bon-Cuisine Expands Client Portfolio, Bringing Digital Transformation to Corporate Cafeterias

Bon-Cuisine, a prominent provider of cafeteria management and food-tech solutions, has made significant strides in its mission to revolutionize the workplace dining experience. With a focus on digitalization and innovation, the company proudly announces the addition of prestigious clients to its growing portfolio. These new partnerships solidify Bon-Cuisine’s position as an industry leader in transforming corporate cafeterias across India.

Key Points

  1. Client Growth and Impressive Metrics: Bon-Cuisine’s recent association with esteemed organizations, including Tata Communications, Kyndryl, WSP, Myntra, Keyword Studio, Mirafra, Mynd Integrated Solutions, EPAM, and Siemens, showcases the company’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of large corporations and government enterprises such as GeM (Government e-Marketplace). This expansion has resulted in a substantial increase in the company’s Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), with over 40,000 active users and an impressive 50,000 transactions per day.
  2. Expansion Strategy: Building upon its success, Bon-Cuisine aims to double its number of cafeterias served every quarter. With a clear growth trajectory, the company has set an ambitious target of reaching an impressive GMV of INR 25 crores by the end of the current Financial Year (FY 23-24).
  3. Catering to the Digital Dining Demand: In response to the evolving needs of the industry and the increasing population of office-goers in service sectors, Bon-Cuisine recognizes the importance of digitalizing the cafeteria sector. Leveraging smart technology-driven solutions, the company provides employees with remote access to digital menus, enabling seamless ordering, digital payment options, real-time food preparation notifications, and instant feedback mechanisms. Meanwhile, clients benefit from comprehensive dashboards and control panels, allowing them to monitor vendor and menu performance, food order ratings, real-time sales data, billing, and transactions, all without the need to physically enter the cafeteria.
  4. Future Plans and Industry Leadership: Bon-Cuisine’s success in expanding its client portfolio reflects the immense potential within the F&B tech industry. With a commitment to delivering tailored solutions and cutting-edge technology, the company is well-positioned for sustained growth. Additionally, Bon-Cuisine plans to expand into Tier 2 cities throughout India and explore opportunities in international markets, cementing its leadership position in the industry.

Bon-Cuisine’s ability to attract prestigious clients and drive digital transformation in corporate cafeterias highlights the company’s dedication to reshaping the dining experience. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and user-friendly platforms, Bon-Cuisine is poised for continued success as it expands its reach and solidifies its position as a leader in the industry

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Managing corporate cafeterias presents a complex and operationally intensive challenge, one that Bon-Cuisine excels at by creating compliant dining spaces prioritizing health, safety, and efficiency. Our expertise and tools bring order to the chaos often associated with mass dining facilities. As the F&B industry undergoes a digital transformation, we lead the charge, committed to delivering the best, most innovative, and user-friendly platform for clients, consumers, and food partners. Our technology-driven solutions redefine the dining experience, making it efficient, transparent, and deeply satisfying for all stakeholders”.

Vikash Chandra, Founder of Bon-Cuisine


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