CLAW Launches Six Powerful Gaming Laptop Cooling Pads with Cutting-Edge Features

CLAW Introduces 6 New Versatile Cooling Pads for Every Laptop

CLAW Boosts its Cooling Pad Lineup with High-Performance Models

CLAW, a leading provider of gaming and multimedia accessories, has expanded its lineup of laptop cooling pads with the launch of six new models featuring top-of-the-line cooling and lighting capabilities. With gamers and creators demanding more power and functionality from their devices, efficient thermal management has become crucial for optimizing laptop performance during intensive workloads. CLAW’s new cooling pads aim to satisfy this need with industry-leading cooling fans, adjustable heights, and customizable RGB lighting.

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Turbo Cooling for Heavy Workloads

The flagship models in the series – Glacier F13 and Iceberg F4 – stand out with their powerful configurations. Boasting eight high-speed cooling fans capable of 2600 RPM each, the F4 promises to reduce laptop temperatures rapidly. Meanwhile, the F13 allows tweaking fan speeds between three modes using its integrated LCD screen. Both models incorporate dynamic RGB lighting for an immersive experience.

Features for Every User

More affordable options like Arctic K25 PRO and Frost K42 cater to mainstream gamers with functions like adjustable cooling modes and preset lighting effects. The basic Breeze C3 prioritizes efficient cooling over frills. All six pads offer varying degrees of height adjustment and compatibility with laptops up to 17.3 inches for ergonomic comfort during extensive use.

With eSports and PC gaming witnessing a surge in popularity recently, the thermal management of high-powered gaming rigs has become increasingly important. CLAW’s expanded cooling pad range looks well equipped to meet the thermal dissipation needs of discerning gamers and creative professionals. Priced affordably starts at Rs. 1690, the pads are currently available through Origin Shop and Amazon India.


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