Crossbeats Diva Smartwatch Launched in India: A Stylish and Feature-Rich Smartwatch for Women

Crossbeats Diva Smartwatch Launched in India: A Stylish and Feature-Rich Smartwatch for Women

Crossbeats, India’s top smartwatch and wireless audio brand, has launched its latest innovation, the Diva Smartwatch, specially crafted for women. Priced at INR 3499, the smartwatch comes in two exquisite colours, Rose Gold and Silver.

The Diva Smartwatch boasts an elegant case design adorned with 46 precious stones and a premium metal finish, making it a captivating accessory for special occasions. It is also equipped with advanced features that cater to the diverse needs of women.

Comprehensive Health-Tracking Capabilities

One of the key highlights of the Diva Smartwatch is its comprehensive health-tracking capabilities. Equipped with advanced biosensors, it monitors heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2 levels, sleep patterns, and more, providing valuable insights into your well-being.

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This information can be used to track fitness progress, identify potential health concerns, and make necessary lifestyle changes. The smartwatch also offers a variety of female health tracking features, such as menstrual cycle tracking, ovulation prediction, and pregnancy tracking.

Other Key Features

In addition to its stylish design and health-focused features, the Diva Smartwatch also offers a variety of smart functionalities, including:

  • Bluetooth calling with clear AAC 3W speakers
  • 100+ sports modes to track fitness progress
  • 150+ customizable watch faces
  • Weather forecasts
  • Calendar access
  • Music control
  • NFC
  • Voice assistant support for Siri and OK Google

Long Battery Life

The Diva Smartwatch ensures long-lasting performance with a battery life of up to 7 days on regular use and 25 days on standby. This makes it a reliable companion for daily use, without having to worry about running out of battery.

The Crossbeats Diva Smartwatch is a great option for women who are looking for a stylish and feature-rich smartwatch. It is affordable, offers a wide range of features, and has a long battery life.


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