Home News Technology Following the release of Windows 11, Cortana departs from Windows 10 users

Following the release of Windows 11, Cortana departs from Windows 10 users


In a strategic move echoing its focus on advancing digital innovation, Microsoft has unleashed an update through the Release Preview Channel that spells the end of an era for Cortana on Windows 10. This decision follows the recent discontinuation of the digital assistant on Windows 11, as Microsoft shifts its focus towards groundbreaking ventures such as Windows Copilot, Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat, and more.

Gone are the days when speculations swirled around Cortana’s impending demise as Microsoft phased out Windows 10 Mobile. Contrary to expectations, the tech giant unveiled a novel approach, ushering Cortana into the realm of third-party hardware integration and an ambitious face-off against the likes of Amazon Alexa. The subsequent emergence of a conversational AI enhancement further bolstered Cortana’s status.

The pages of history turned as Cortana underwent months of restructuring, eventually culminating in the cessation of feature updates for Windows 10. Its swan song resonated in 2020, a year marked by its final update on the Windows platform. In the wake of Windows 11’s debut, the once-pioneering digital assistant from the Windows Phone era found itself rendered redundant.

Once championed as an “intelligent agent” adept at juggling both professional and personal tasks, Cortana now occupies a different space in Microsoft’s strategic map. As the tech titan pivoted towards an AI-centric vision and acknowledged the competition posed by Amazon Alexa and Siri in the realm of intelligent home capabilities, the curtain was drawn on Cortana’s tenure.

Windows 11’s Overhaul Reaches Windows 10’s Domain

The echoes of transformation reverberate across the landscape as Windows 11, in its latest metamorphosis, extinguishes the flame of the Cortana app. Simultaneously, a new update for Windows 10 silences the once-prominent digital assistant.

Cortana’s Latest Version

A keen eye from Windows Latest revealed that Cortana version 4.2308.1005.0 bids adieu to its role as a fixture within the Windows 10 ecosystem. Launching the app now greets users with a poignant message – Cortana has been deprecated. Microsoft graciously extends the option to either shut down the app or delve deeper into the transition by clicking the “Learn more” button, providing insights into the dawn of the Windows Copilot era intertwined with the fabric of artificial intelligence.

This newfound journey leads users to a meticulously crafted document christened “End of Support for Cortana in Windows,” nestled within the confines of Microsoft’s digital sanctum.

Windows 11: Embracing an AI-Powered Dawn

With Windows 11 casting its net wider, the significance of Cortana’s departure becomes evident. Microsoft’s latest iteration brings AI to the forefront across desktops, Microsoft 365, Edge, and the search engine. However, an alternative to Cortana’s presence on Windows 10 remains elusive. The cessation of feature development for Windows 10 seals the fate of this endeavor.

In the realm of redemption, Microsoft’s support document beckons us to recognize that the existing operating systems, including Windows 10, boast an arsenal of features poised to assume Cortana’s mantle.

While the extent of Cortana’s innovative prowess, encompassing reminders, alarms, and note creation, remains shrouded in mystery, avenues such as webpage access find their new home under the aegis of Bing Copilot within Microsoft Edge. Meanwhile, for the composition of emails, Outlook stands fortified by AI integration fueled by Microsoft 365 Copilot, promising a seamless experience.

And for those who find solace in nostalgia or yearn for Cortana’s virtual embrace, a silver lining gleams. Cortana may have retired from its former glory, but it continues to serve dutifully within the realms of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, and their associated mobile brethren.

In Conclusion

As the digital winds of change sweep through the Windows ecosystem, Cortana’s legacy bows before the juggernaut of progress. Windows 10 relinquishes its faithful companion, while Windows 11 ushers in an era defined by AI-driven ingenuity. Microsoft’s ceaseless evolution paints a picture of boundless possibilities, where the past converges with the future in an intricate dance of technological prowess.



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