Google Workspace Users Can Now Make Direct 1:1 Calls with Enhanced Meet Features

Google Workspace Users Can Now Make Direct 1:1 Calls with Enhanced Meet Features

Google Workspace users can rejoice as Google introduces a seamless way to make 1:1 video calls directly within the Meet mobile app. No more hassle of creating meeting links or sending calendar invites. With this update, users can initiate ‘cloud-encrypted 1:1 video calls’ effortlessly.

Google Workspace users can now simply place a Meet call on their mobile app directly to a colleague, ringing their mobile device. This new feature eliminates the need for creating meeting links in advance, streamlining the communication process. In addition to the convenience, users will have access to various Meet features right from the call, enhancing the overall user experience.

Meet Features at Your Fingertips

During these direct 1:1 video calls, Workspace users can utilize a range of Meet features, including:

  • In-Meeting Chat: Exchange messages seamlessly within the call.
  • Virtual Backgrounds: Customize your background for a professional or fun setting.
  • Visual Effects: Add visual effects to enhance your video presence.
  • Live Closed Captions: Enable real-time captions for improved accessibility.

The availability of these features depends on the edition of Workspace you are using. This streamlined approach aims to enhance collaboration and communication among Google Workspace users.

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What to Expect and When

Google has announced that this feature will be available for all Workspace users. The rollout has already begun for iOS users on November 2, and Android users can expect to access this functionality from November 14 onwards. Please note that this update might take up to 15 days to become visible due to the extended rollout process.

Keep in Mind

It’s important to highlight that Meet calls made through this method will not include certain ‘legacy calling features’ found in Google Duo, such as group calls, messages, moments, family mode, and knock knock. However, users who choose not to update to the new version of the app can still enjoy these features.

Google has confirmed that this functionality will be enabled by default and can only be disabled by turning off Meet meetings and calls for the organization. This seamless 1:1 calling experience is set to transform the way Workspace users connect with their colleagues.


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