HonorTech and PSAV Global Unite to Expand HONOR Smartphone Network in India

HonorTech and PSAV Global Unite to Expand HONOR Smartphone Network in India

In a landmark development, HonorTech has announced a strategic collaboration with PSAV Global to amplify the reach of HONOR smartphones across India. This partnership is poised to forge new avenues for local alliances, as HonorTech, helmed by an all-Indian leadership, joins forces with the existing HONOR network. The partnership sets the stage for HonorTech to curate its product lineup, cultivate partnerships, oversee manufacturing processes, manage services, and establish distribution networks tailored to the unique demands of the Indian market.

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This novel business model places HonorTech in the vanguard of delivering advanced, dependable, and user-centric solutions and experiences for Indian consumers. The collaborative initiative mirrors the government’s vision for technological self-sufficiency and stands as a significant stride in that direction.

“At HonorTech, we are leveraging our expertise to catalyze transformative change, harnessing latent talent, technical prowess, R&D, and a global supply chain. Our transformative endeavor seeks to tap into untapped potential and a skilled workforce, with the aim of positioning India as a global excellence hub. HonorTech is in alignment with the Government’s vision to establish India as a manufacturing and innovation powerhouse, a vision that has gained remarkable momentum in recent years.”

Mr. Madhav Sheth, CEO of HonorTech, remarked on this momentous venture

“HonorTech embodies the essence of India’s requirements and focuses on seamlessly amalgamating HONOR’s global expertise with local insights. Through this synergy of innovation, local empowerment, and self-reliance, HonorTech emerges as a brand that represents the untapped potential within every Indian. This partnership offers India a globally competitive product and a robust brand equipped with cutting-edge technology and a self-reliant ecosystem,” he further emphasized.

In line with the “Make in India” initiative, this collaboration is set to fortify indigenous infrastructure and propel HonorTech toward becoming a sustainable manufacturing hub that aligns with international benchmarks. The impact of this collaboration extends threefold: generating employment opportunities, fostering skill enhancement, and seamlessly integrating technology into India’s socio-economic framework. This collaboration marks a pivotal juncture in global partnerships, underscoring an unwavering commitment to bring HONOR products to the forefront and to chart a technology-empowered trajectory for India and the world. Mr. Madhav Sheth and PSAV have forged a 100% Indian joint venture, pivoting from global to local priorities.

A Glimpse into HONOR and its Vision

HONOR, a prominent global provider of smart devices, is steadfast in its mission to evolve into a renowned global technology brand, ushering in an intelligent world accessible to all through its cutting-edge products and services. With an unwavering commitment to research and development, HONOR is dedicated to crafting technology that empowers individuals across the globe to transcend limitations, granting them the freedom to accomplish and innovate. Catering to various budget ranges, HONOR offers an array of top-notch smartphones, tablets, laptops, and wearables, empowering individuals to become the best version of themselves.


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