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[Guide] How To Choose Your Desired Laptop?

So what kind of laptop are you supposed to get? To help you out we’ve put together a laptop purchasing guide.

For anyone, whether a college student or an IT professional, or a gaming individual, a laptop is an essential device. Another reason – Laptops are lightweight enough to carry you with them yet responsive enough to run challenging programs or applications. Knowing your specifications is a necessary first step. However, these will make selecting a laptop a very painful process in many configurations, models, manufacturers, categories, price segments, and much more.


 Where should I purchase “Online or Offline“?

There is no doubt that shopping online has made it easy for individuals to shop. Online and offline shopping, though, has its benefits and drawbacks.


 Offline Shopping

✓ You will get to experience the laptop before buying in.

You can handle it in your hands and see the comfort level of the product.

 If you like the laptop, you get to negotiate with the shopkeeper.

 Online Shopping

 With an online retail store, you get to explore a quite long wide selection of models.

You can also explore other online stores without having to travel

You will purchase at the best discounts and the maximum benefit for the product from an online store.

When purchasing online, you can directly compare the laptop and its features.


Necessary Hardware knowledge

The CPU processor has to be wisely considered when it comes to selecting a decent laptop. Not only does the best CPU processor give the fastest speed, but the number of cores is also essential.


How to choose the best processor in the laptop

The processor has a big impact on performance, but obviously, it depends on what you want to do!


Dual Core 

• Integrates two processors into one integrated set of CPUs

• Great for multitasking

• Lower energy consumption

• Provides speedy performance


Quad Core

 Integrates a main processor with two dual-core processors

• Doubles the performance and speed

 More battery-efficient

• Ideally adapted for gaming


11th Generation Low Voltage : i5-1135G7 (4 cores and 8 threads); i7-1165G7 (4 cores and 8 threads)

10th Generation Standard Pressure : i5-10200H (4 cores and 8 threads); i5-10300H (4 cores and 8 threads); i7-10750H (6 cores and 12 threads); i7-10870H (8 cores and 16 threads); i7-10875H (8 Core 16 threads)



• Security, ease of maintenance and performance 

• Thermal limits

• Comprehensive battery-lifetime

• Value for Performance in an acceptable price range


 Low voltage: R5 4500U (6 cores and 6 threads); R5 4600U (6 cores and 12 threads); R7 4700U (8 cores and 8 threads); R7 4800U (8 cores and 16 threads)

Standard pressure: R5 4600H (6 cores and 12 threads); R7 4800H (8 cores and 16 threads); R9 4900H (8 cores and 16 threads).


GPU (Graphics card)

If you’re a casual user, you don’t need to take this into account because you can do so with an optimized GPU. Nevertheless, you will need to have a dedicated graphics card if you intend to play games or use any rendering software.


 • A laptop that has at least an NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti to make most games comfortable in realistic environments.

• You will need an NVIDIA RTX 2070 or higher in order to experience AAA games in all its awesomeness.

• If you can’t invest far to much and still want respectable graphics, at least on Full HD shows, RTX 2060 is a nice balance.


The game is uniquely displayed: Sort of performance: RTX2080 SUPER> RTX2070 SUPER> RTX2070> RTX2060 > GTX1660 Ti> GTX1650 Ti> GTX1650



Higher RAM has strongermulti-tasking skills. Depending upon use such as office work, casual browsing or online courses, you can decide the right RAM size for your new laptop.


 Light use

• Budget laptop with a respectable 4GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage

• To browse blogs, watch videos online, or do office work


Medium use

• Core i3 – i5 processor with 4GB to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage space

• Advanced use such as photo editing, and run semi-demanding windows applications


Powerful and challenging purposes

• Core i9 and above, 16 to 32GB of RAM and a top-of-the-range SSD storage space

• Advanced game player, visual effects and rendering, working with a wide variety of images, animation and graphic design.


Hard Disk

Higher storage space lets a laptop perform tasks smoothly in the background. And it is always nice to have more room on your laptop to save media files and give the laptop sufficient space to boot seamlessly.



Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) deliver an immense storage capacity at a fair cost per gigabyte.


• Solid State Drives (SDDs) deliver quick boot process and multi – tasking efficiency and are ideal for thin and light laptops.


• Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHDs) deliver total functionality at an affordable price, together with sound booting and loading.


Operating system

Selecting the perfect operating system (OS) is the first and most critical step in purchasing a new laptop as it decides the environment in which you will be working. Therefore, ensure that the pre-loaded OS satisfies your end-use necessities.


Windows Operating System

Latest version is Windows 10 with Home, Pro Versions

• Intuitive Interface, easy to use.

• An effective platform for use in job or studies.

• Many devices and apps are compatible with Windows.




• The most recent edition is MacOS 10.15 ‘Catalina.’

• Streamlined interface for the consumer.

• Powerful multitasking for powerful users

• Less vulnerable to lapses in security.




• An Open-source operating system.

• Safe against malicious programs.

• Comes with a plethora of coder programming languages.

• Dependable and no compromise in performance




• Screen size 15.6″ is standard, but 12 to 14 inches can be more portable

• Display type Pick IPS for great viewing angles

• The display resolution shall be at least 1080p



Color gamut: The number of colors that are displayed on the screen

• High color gamut: 100%ARGB / 100%sRGB / 72%NTSC

• Low color gamut: 45% NTSC



One of the most critical factors for Laptop shoppers is how long a laptop lasts on its internal battery backup. 

• A larger 60Whr battery that is capable of optimizing battery life.

Fast charging comes in handy if available



Mind the Brand

Your laptop is just as strong as the firm behind it.

• Professional support that is reliable and timely



Connectivity, Ports and Features

 USB Type-C provides speed and functionality


 OLED screen displays offers better viewing

 Touchscreen – makes the interface simpler and easier to use

✓ 2-in-1 PCs – Next-gen laptops that can be folded flat and even removed for a tablet experience

 Wi-Fi 6 is better and fasterthan 802.11ac standard Wi-Fi.

 Bluetooth v4.2 or later is a must one to have

 Built-in Stereo Speakers

 Check for a laptop with an Nvidia Graphic chip


Image Credits:

Freepik | Infographic and Unsplash


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