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How to change Sign-in options in Windows 11

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After last week’s how-to article on customising Windows 11’s lock screen and lock screen quick notification, here’s another one you’ll find helpful. With Windows 11, the system offers four types: facial recognition, fingerprint powered by Windows Hello, PIN, and security key.

What is Windows Hello?
With Windows Hello, you can sign in more securely by using your face, fingerprint, or PIN. With Windows Hello, you can sign in to your account online and on the lock screen of your device. 

What is a security key?
You can sign in without using your user name and password by using a physical security key. It might be an NFC device, such as a smartphone or access card, or a USB key that you could put on your keychain. Even if someone obtains your security key, they won’t be able to sign in without your PIN or fingerprint because it is used in addition to them.

Start > Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options.

You’ll find the following options for signing in to your Windows 11-powered devices under Accounts > Sign-in options. 

Select your preferred way of signing in and follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

  • Facial recognition (Windows Hello): Use your face to sign in to Windows, apps, and services
  • Fingerprint recognition (Windows Hello): Sign in with your fingerprint scanner
  • PIN (Windows Hello): Sign in with a PIN
  • Security key: Sign in with a physical security key

These are the settings that you would need to access in order to configure any of those login methods or to make changes to them, such as removing your password for Windows 11. Keep in mind, too, that having passwords and distinct accounts for each user helps keep the information that is stored on the computer secure and private.

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