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How to Change the Icon Size in Android

If you use an Android-powered smartphone, you may already be aware of how adaptable the operating system is. You may personalize the visual elements of your Android smartphone using the appropriate applications.

For instance, you can establish live wallpaper on your Android using live wallpaper apps, icon packs, etc. Beginning with Android 7.0, you can additionally enlarge or reduce the size of screen elements.

You can alter the size of your home screen’s icons to make them easier to read. Using Android 9 or later, the Settings app allows you to resize icons. To resize icons, users of previous versions of Android must rely on third-party applications.

Change the Size of Android Icons

If you wish to change the size of icons on Android, you are reading the appropriate information. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to resize icons on Android smartphones. Let’s get started.

  • In the Personalisations section, click the Icons option.
  • Now, alter the size of the icon using the slider underneath it. After finishing, tap the Apply button.
  • Note: On certain Android smartphones, the ability to resize icons can be found under Settings > Display > Advanced > Display Size.

On Android 12, you get an additional option for resizing app icons. Follow some of the simple instructions we’ve provided.

  1. Initially, launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap the Wallpaper & Style > App Grid option.
  3. The default grid set in Android 12 is 5×5. You must select a size such as 45, 44, 33, or 22. As fewer columns and rows are selected, the icons will grow larger.

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