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How to Check Your Graphics Card On Windows 11

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A GPU, or graphics card, provides Windows 11’s graphics on your PC for advanced gaming or editing purposes. You could view the graphics card RAM, GPU temperature, and real-time performance. This information would help you assess your GPU’s capabilities so you can know its limits when gaming or using heavy programmes like video editors. Laptops as well as inexpensive PCs usually have integrated graphics cards. High-end desktop PCs and gaming machines feature dedicated cards that you can swap out. Identifying your GPU, whether integrated or dedicated, is important. Below, we’ll show you how to check your graphics card on Windows 11.

Use the Task Manager in Windows 11 to check your graphics card

Step: 1
Open Task Manager with Windows 11’s “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keyboard shortcut and go to “Performance.” The Windows 11 Task Manager makes it easy to get information about your graphics hardware.

Step 2:
To learn more, click on GPU 0, which is inbuilt, and GPU 1 (If you have dedicated Graphics card on your Windows 11 PCs), which is external. The names of your integrated graphics card, GPU temperature, and RAM are displayed at the bottom of the performance tab, as shown in the screenshot below.

Here’s How to Check Your Graphics Card on Windows 11 From Windows Display Settings

Go to the Windows settings menu or press the “Windows + I” key.

Step: 2
Under System tab > go to “Display”

Step 3:
Select Advanced display from the display options menu.

Step: 4:
You’ll find display information. Under that, click on “Display adaptor properties for Display 1.”

Step: 5:
That’s it. You’ll find the name of the connected graphics card listed there, as well as total available graphics memory, dedicated video memory, shared system memory, and more.

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