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How to create ABHA number and obtain ABHA Digital Health Card

ABHA number

The Digital Health Card 2022 concept was initiated by the Indian government as a component of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). This health card is highly important since it allows you to save the medical histories of individuals in a digital format in a single location. The Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) is key to digital healthcare.

The ABDM’s aim is to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country. It aims to bridge the existing gap amongst different stakeholders of healthcare ecosystem through digital highways.


Anyone who wants to take part in ABDM by getting a Digital Health Card and having their health records available digitally must first get an ABHA number. The ABHA number is a random 14-digit number that is used to uniquely identify people, verify them, and link their health records (with their informed consent) across many systems and stakeholders.

By combining a person’s basic information with their cell phone number or Aadhaar number, a Health ID or ABHA Number is made. This blog will show you the steps you need to take to make a Health ID.

Indian Government’s Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission claims the following,

It is important to standardize the process of identification of an individual across healthcare providers. This is the only way to ensure that the created medical records are issued to the correct individual or accessed by Health Information User through appropriate consent.

In order to issue the UHID, the system must collect certain basic details including demographic and location, family/relationship, and contact details. Ability to update contact information easily is the key.

The ABHA number will be used for the purposes of uniquely identifying persons, authenticating them, and threading their health records (only with the informed consent of the patient) across multiple systems and stakeholders.

What are the benefits of ABHA Number?

  • Establish unique identity across different healthcare providers within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Link all healthcare benefits ranging from public health programmes to insurance schemes to your unique ABHA number
  • Avoid long lines for registration in healthcare facilities across the country
  • Seamless sign up for PHR (Personal Health Records) applications such as ABDM ABHA application for Health data sharing


How to apply ABHA Digital Health Card?

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Online applications for the Digital Health Card 2022 can be submitted by individuals after they have first registered for the card by filling out the Digital Health Card Registration Form 2022 and providing either their Aadhar card or driver’s licence. After that, users will be able to download an ABHA Digital Health Card.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Health ID website. (Click Here)
  • step 2: At the top, click the Create Digital Health Card option.
  • Step 3: Select Aadhar Card or Driver’s License and then click Next.
  • Step 4: Enter your Aadhaar or driver’s licence number and press the Next button.
  • Step 5: Enter your information, including your name, address, phone number, OTP received, and any additional information requested. Your profile will be finished.
  • Step 6: Complete an online application to obtain your 14-digit digital health card (ABHA number). You will be notified when your ABHA number is created, and you will be able to download your health ID card from the website.

ABHA Application and its features:

You can also get your own ABHA number by downloading the ABDM Health Records app from the Google Playstore. Health records You can also ask for your ABHA number at a health facility in India that is part of the programme. This could be a public or private hospital, a community health centre, or a health and wellness centre.

With ABHA App on you mobile you can,

  • create an easy to remember ABHA Address ([email protected]) with mobile number, email ID or ABHA number.
  • Link ABHA address with 14digit ABHA number to become KYC verified and
    utilize benefits of government health programs.
  • Discover health facilities to link, view and manage health records by citizens.
  • Access health records such as lab reports, prescriptions, CoWIN vaccination certificates
  • Share health records with registered doctors, health facilities or health programs.
  • Own and Control access of your health records in terms of who can access, what type of health information can be accessed and for what duration.

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