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How to Download Twitter Fleets Easily!

Twitter Fleets are similar to Instagram Stories launched by Twitter. While you can download Instagram Stories using a web browser on a desktop computer, the Twitter alternative is only available on mobile devices. Nonetheless, we’re going to demonstrate how to download Twitter Fleets via a newly launched website.

This is one of several pages dedicated to downloading videos shared on social media platforms. All you have to do is enter the URL address of the Twitter profile that published the Fleet you wish to download. Naturally, it must be when the Fleet is published or active, as these are ephemeral or transient messages, and once they vanish, you will be unable to access them. Additionally, they must be publicly owned Fleets.

Method to Download Twitter Fleets

To begin, select the fleet you wish to download. Once selected, take note of the user name that appears in the top left corner preceded by a ‘@’ sign. Simply take note of that.

Twitter Fleets

There are several specialized websites where this can be accomplished, but I prefer to use ddlvid.com. This is the first website to allow for fleet downloads. Because I have personally used it, it is also safe for you.

Now, type the full URL of the profile from which you wish to download the fleet. You must type https://twitter.com/[username] in the address bar. The Username is the one you noted previously. I will type http://twitter.com/technspice
Then press ‘Get Video’

You will now be taken to a page where you will be able to download the Fleets published by that profile by clicking the Download button. If the Fleet is just an image, it will be downloaded in that format, and if it is a video, it will be downloaded in that format as well.

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