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How to enable Live Captions on Windows 11

Windows 11 Live Captions

Starting with version 22H2 of Windows 11, the “Live Captions” accessibility feature lets users see captions for spoken content so they can better understand what is being said. For any audio content, captions are immediately created on the device. The function may be displayed in a floating window, at the top or bottom of the screen, or both. You can customize your experience by resizing the caption window. Additionally, an open microphone can provide subtitles, which is useful for in-person conversations.

Live Captions on Windows 11

When you play audio on your PC, Live Captions, an accessibility feature, turns it to text. The function operates without an active internet connection and processes voice data entirely on your Windows 11 computer. Live captions are only available in English (United States) at the moment, but other languages are expected to be added soon. 

Step 1: Open Windows Settings, navigate to the Accessibility option, and tap on “Captions.”

Step 2: Under Captions settings: Turn on live captions.

Step 3: After turning it on, you’ll be prompted to download and set up live captions to continue. Just wait for the download to finish, and once the installation is complete, you will be notified on the top screen as “Ready to caption.”

Step 4: Position can be changed by clicking the Settings icon in the captions box’s upper right corner. The captions box can now be positioned wherever on the screen, whether it floats or is placed at the top, bottom, or both. Additionally offered are the “filter profanity” and “add microphone audio” options for the captions.

Pro Tip: Once enabled, you can activate the feature with the Windows key + Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut. 

Customizing Caption style

You can customize the “Caption style” as per your needs. You can able to personalize Text, Background, Window. Furthermore, you can also change opacity, size, font, and effects.

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