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How to make your Android device run faster

How to make your Android device run faster

It does not matter which browser you use on your Android device; over time, it will accumulate junk files. In the event that these files are not checked, they have the potential to consume anywhere from tens of megabytes to a number of gigabytes of storage space. It not only slows down your browser, but it can also affect the speed of your phone. The solution, however, is simple: clear the junk files from your browsers on a regular basis.

The steps you need to take to clear the cache in your Android browsers when it comes to deleting cache and other temporary files, the process varies from browser to browser. The most common web browsers will be discussed further down.

How to make your Android device run faster


In Chrome open the web browser, select the button with three dots for the Menu, and then navigate to History > Clear Browsing Data.

From this point forward, you need to ensure that the Time Range option is set to “All Time.” The following step is to select the options for “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files.” To get rid of all the data that has been saved, tap the “Clear Data” button.

Samsung Internet

It’s possible that you use the bundled browser that comes with your Samsung smartphone. Launch the browser and select the Menu option located in the lower-right corner of the window. Navigate to the Settings menu, then click Personal Data, and then select Delete Browsing Data. Make your selections from the options labeled “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files.” Select “Delete data” from the menu, then tap the confirmation box that appears.


Tap the button with three dots in the upper-right corner to access the menu, and then navigate to Settings > Delete browsing data. Select the “Cookies” and “Cached images and files” options from the drop-down menus, respectively. After that, select “Delete browsing data” from the menu.

How to delete all of an app’s data from its cache on an Android device

What happens if you’re working in a specialized web browser such as Brave or Opera? You can find the option to clear junk files by going to the History section of the Settings menu and looking for it there.

There is also a global option for clearing cache that works for any app, including browsers; however, we would not recommend that you use this for applications such as your bank or password managers because you run the risk of losing important data: Launch the Settings app on your Android device, navigate to Apps & Notifications (or Apps) > App Info, and select the application for which you wish to clear the cache. Next, select the “Storage and Cache” section, and then tap the “Clear Cache” button. Immediately, each and every one of the temporary files will be removed.

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