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How to personalize Windows 11 lock screen and lock screen quick notification

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After last week’s how-to article on customizing Windows 11’s Quick Settings, here’s another one you’ll find helpful. With Windows 11, you can add more options to the lock screen, such as the Windows Spotlight, a picture, or a slideshow. You could swap out the current background for a slideshow of your best memories. You can set up quick status notifications to tell you about upcoming calendar events, changes on social media, and other app and system notifications. You can also personalise a lock screen quick notifications with Mail, Weather, or Calendar.

Here’s How to personalize Windows 11 Lock screen

Select Start > Settings

Select Personalization > Lock screen.

Under Personalisation option, select “Lock screen”

You will find three options. Select your preferred choice.

Windows Spotlight: To have Windows automatically display incredible photos, use the Spotlight selection. Images from all around the world, as well as helpful hints for making the most of Windows, are updated daily in Windows Spotlight.

Select Picture: Select a recent image, or browse photographs, then simply select any of your preferred pictures.

Select Slideshow: Choose Slideshow, then Browse, and choose the folder to use. If you do not desire a folder in the slideshow, click Remove.

Customize a lock screen quick notification

Choose an option like Mail, Weather, or Calendar from the list of lock screen status options.

Pro Tip: You can quickly check your upcoming meetings if you select Calendar.

Windows 11 has a set of easy-to-use features that can help you make the most of the space on your screen and get more done. When you combine it with a subscription to Microsoft 365, nothing can stop you from getting things done. So, we’re done for the day. I hope this post helps everyone. Keep an eye on our blog for more tips, how-to guides, etc.

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