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How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 11

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This article shows how to reset the network settings on a desktop or laptop computer running Windows 11. In addition, uninstalling and reinstalling all network adapters as well as resetting all other network settings to their default values will be accomplished by resetting the network settings. You might need to reconnect your computer to the network after the network has been rebooted.

Kindly remember that every adapter’s setup will be removed, and all network settings will be reset to factory defaults. Resetting should only be used as a last resort after all other measures have failed. The majority of the time, network adapters are configured to automatically detect changes, so you generally won’t experience any problems. If you do decide to reset the system, take note of the configurations for the other components.

Step 1: Go to Settings and navigate to the Network & Internet option.

Step 2: Under the Network & Internet option, tap on Advanced network settings.

Step 3: Navigate to Network Reset in advanced network settings.

Network reset: This resets all network adaptors to factory settings.

Step:4 Click on “Network Reset” > a pop-up window will appear > To reset your Windows 11 network settings, select “Yes.”

As was noted, resetting the network settings on your device is the last-ditch attempt you might make to fix a connection problem if you have tried everything else. You should make sure that the drivers for your network card are up to date, test your router, and do all the other standard troubleshooting steps to make sure that the most common problems with networks are not to blame. 

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