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How to Save Money on Xiaomi Products with UNiDAYS’ Student Plus Program

If you are a student in India looking for the best deals on Xiaomi products, you are in luck. Xiaomi has recently launched its Student Plus Program, which offers exclusive discounts and benefits for students on its smartphones, laptops, tablets, and lifestyle products. In addition, Xiaomi has partnered with UNiDAYS, the leading student affinity network, to reach out to and empower India’s Gen Z students.

What is the Student Plus Program?

The Student Plus Program is Xiaomi’s initiative to cater to the young and smart student market in India. It offers up to 50% off on Xiaomi and Redmi phones, laptops, tablets, and lifestyle products. It also offers 50% off on all protection plans, like Mi Protect, Mi Extended Warranty, and Mi Complete Protect. These plans cover accidental and liquid damage, theft and burglary, screen damage, and more.

To avail these benefits, students need to register on the UNiDAYS website or app using their official college email ID or student ID card. They will then receive a unique code that they can use to shop on Xiaomi’s website or at any of its authorized offline stores.

How did Xiaomi partner with UNiDAYS?

Xiaomi wanted to tap into the huge potential of India’s Gen Z student population, which accounts for over 20% of the country’s internet users. To do so, it needed a trusted partner that could help it verify student status and promote its brand to this audience.

That’s where UNiDAYS came in. UNiDAYS is the world’s leading student affinity network, with over 16 million verified members across 114 countries. It works with over 800 brands to offer exclusive discounts and rewards to students.

In a short span of two weeks, Xiaomi said that it has successfully engaged over 30,000 students through its partnership with UNiDAYS. This led to more than 16,000 discount codes being downloaded, with an average order value of Rs. 22,000. Xiaomi has now secured a position in the top 5 brands on UNiDAYS in India, all within the first month of launching.

To ensure a smooth verification process for student status and promote Xiaomi to its over 1 million members in India, UNiDAYS developed a comprehensive campaign that included online and in-store verification options, marketing and media solutions, and training for over 500 in-store managers.

The campaign was designed by UNiDAYS’ Gen Z experts in collaboration with Xiaomi, to connect with Indian students across multiple touchpoints and facilitate seamless verification while driving student acquisition and conversion.

What are the benefits of this partnership for Xiaomi and UNiDAYS?

This partnership has helped Xiaomi expand its brand presence among India’s Gen Z student community, thereby increasing the lifetime value of this important demographic. By offering exclusive discounts and benefits to students, Xiaomi has also enhanced its brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

For UNiDAYS, this partnership has helped it strengthen its position as the leading student affinity network in India. By partnering with Xiaomi, one of the most popular smartphone brands in the country, UNiDAYS has increased its brand awareness and reach among Indian students. It has also added value to its existing members by offering them access to Xiaomi’s products at unbeatable prices.

How can you join the Xiaomi Student Plus Program?

If you are a student in India and want to join the Student Plus Program, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

– Visit the UNiDAYS website or download the app from Google Play or App Store.
– Register using your official college email ID or student ID card.
– Verify your student status and get your unique code.
– Shop on Xiaomi’s website or at any of its authorized offline stores using your code.
– Enjoy up to 50% off on Xiaomi products and protection plans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on Xiaomi’s amazing products at incredible prices. Join the Student Plus Program today and experience the difference.

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