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How to Take Screenshot on Laptop: 5 Easy Methods

Throughout your work or in the day, you will need to make screenshots of your work as it develops. You can capture everything on the screen, regardless of the operating system, as a PNG or JPG image. However, the method to take a screen shot on a PC is different than Capturing a screen shot on both Windows and macOS can be slightly challenging. Don’t worry! If you’re using a Windows 10 or a Mac or if you’re on a PC. Getting around the steps is easy.

Screenshots can be captured on both Windows 10 PC and Laptops. The screenshots on Windows 7 laptops are done the same. Follow the below steps

Using the Print Screen key

The most popular method has been implemented for the very first versions of Windows. On a computer, press the PrtScn button on your keyboard You can also use the CTRL + PrtScnScn key combination.

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All of the screen is captured by Windows. Finally, open a graphics editor like Paint and paste the image from the clipboard Now you can save it as a file, and basic text editing is possible

Edit an Image on Your Computer

Press the Win + Print Screen keys

Would you like to save the whole screen as an image on your PC? Print Screen does that for you. Take a full-screen shot on Windows 10: use the Win + PrtScrScn key simultaneously.

Using Windows + Print Screen to take a screenshot on Windows 10
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If you screen shot on Windows 10, your images are saved in the Screenshots folder found in your Pictures folder. Typically, Windows 10 screenshots will take this route: C:\Your Pictures\thumbnails. Each file will have a number based on how many you have previously taken. To find out where your screenshots saved, see: where are they stored Redesign Windows 10 icons

How to find screenshots on a Windows 10 PC in 3 ways

Also in Windows 10, you can see screenshots in the “Folders -> Pictures -> Screenshots”. Windows 10 also places a copy of the screen shot in the clipboard

Press Alt + Print Screen to capture the active window

Using Windows 7 or Windows 10, you can also take a screenshot of just the active window. To open a window that you want to capture, press the Alt + PrtScn. Clipboard captures the screen shot. Paste into Paint, or any other Windows photo editing app, and save

Take Screenshot on Windows 7 | Screenshot

On Windows 10 using the Windows + Shift + S keyboard shortcut

To capture an area on your screen, press Windows + Shift + S. Use this screen shot shortcut, and Windows 10 shows a crosshair cursor. Move the mouse pointer to capture. Finally, do it. screen shot that portion of the touchscreen (or pen).

Win + Shift + S of Windows 10 version 1903 features a separate window  capture (button number 3 from left) : Windows10

Clipboard keeps the screen shot. Use Paint to open an image editing app and paste your screen shot into it. This feature was originally integrated into OneNote, but, Microsoft decided to integrate it with Windows 10.

The Snip & Sketch app

Beginning with the October 2018 Update, you can use Snip & Sketch to capture screen shots and edit them. The fundamentals of Snip & Sketch have already have been covered. To summarize, to open Snip & Sketch on Windows 10, press the ‘N’ or use the ‘CTRL+N’ keyboard shortcut.

Start a screenshot in Snip & Sketch from Windows 10
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To then, select one of the four screen shot options to be full-screen.

Screenshot options offered by Snip & Sketch in Windows 10
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Snip & Sketch takes you to an editing window to work on the screen shot

Editing a screenshot in Snip & Sketch on Windows 10
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The screenshot can then be edited.

Which of the following ways do you use to take screenshots in Windows?

As you can see, in Windows there are many different methods to take a screenshot. If you don’t have special requirements, the built-in capabilities and features will do just fine. For the remainder of this tutorial, tell us: How do you take screenshots on Windows?

I personally use Awesome Screenshot which is a Chrome extension. Very simple to use, very convenient. An added advantage is the recording feature.

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