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How to uninstall preinstalled apps/bloatware in Android phones (without root)

In this article let’s get to know the easy way to uninstall the preinstalled apps/bloatware on any Android phone without rooting it. For this method you don’t need any coding knowledge, so don’t worry!

Android phone manufacturers preload smartphones with applications that enhance user experience, but not all of the apps and functionalities that have been pre-loaded are important to every user or some users, for example, most users prefer Google phone and Google Keep Notes rather than Custom dialer and Notes apps that come pre-installed. When using a phone with a forked Android version such as MIUI, realme UI, ColorOS, at some point in time you have to find some applications that are unnecessary like browser app in realmeUI phones which cannot be uninstalled directly.

Disadvantages of bloatware and pre-installed apps:

  • Consumes storage and drains battery through pushing unwanted notifications.
  • Collecting personal information which causes privacy issues.

Ok, let’s dive into the method which is simple in practical.

STEP1:Installation of adb on windows/mac:

For windows, make sure that this adb installed on your pc. (link) For MAC , you need to,

  • Extract the Android zip and place the folder on your Desktop.
  • Open Terminal     
  • Type cd Desktop/Android     
  • Enter ./ADB-Install-Mac.sh

STEP2:Enabling developer option on your phone:

Now go to settings>about phone>version    (build number in realme devices)Tap version for seven times then you will see small notification at the bottom as ‘you are now a developer’.


STEP3:Enabling USB debugging:

Now go to additional settings>developer option. If you didn’t find additional settings just search as ‘developer option’ in search bar of settings. Then enable USB debugging.

How to uninstall preinstalled apps/bloatware in Android phones (without root)

STEP4:Allowing USB debugging:

  • Connect your device to PC via USB cable, choose ‘Transfer Files’ mode and then run a command ‘adb devices’ in terminal/command prompt.
  • Now you should be getting the popup as ‘allow USB debugging’ , then system address should appear as soon as you allow USB debugging. Following screenshot should show the device address of your device.
  • If the device is displayed in the terminal, run another ‘adb shell’ command in the terminal, which is accompanied by a device name.

STEP5:Uninstalling system apps/bloatware:

Syntax for uninstalling any app in you phone is pm uninstall -k – -user 0 <package name>   (Note : after user it’s number zero,not alphabet o)

STEP6:Knowing package name of any app:

It is very simple to know any application’s package name. We have to just download the application called ‘app inspector’ from playstore (Link)Then open that application. It will display all applications installed on your mobile, just click the app that you want to uninstall and it will display it’s current Version, package name etc.


Now I’m going to uninstall Google Chrome which cannot be uninstalled through normal method. Now after following above mentioned steps I will just type the uninstallations syntax for chromepm uninstall -k –user 0 com.android.chromeThen click ‘enter’ ,you will get a success message.

That’s it guys I guess this tutorial would have helped you. For more How to contents do check our ‘how to’ category and stay connected with Technspiceblog!


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