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How to update your OnePlus Buds via HeyMelody App!

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In this article – I’m going to share about “How to update your OnePlus Buds via HeyMelody App

Let’s begin;


  • Install HeyMelody App from Google Play Store
  • OnePlus Buds v342 version installed
  • Keep your Buds & Case battery power at least 50%

About HeyMelody
HeyMelody is an app used to update the latest version of your OnePlus wireless Earbuds firmware and to customize controls for Earbuds according to your preferences!

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If your device does not belong to any of the above device types, it means this app does not support your device.

How to Connect?

Turn “ON” Bluetooth on your phone


For TWS Earbuds

  • Open the charging case and place them inside.

For Neckband Earbuds

  • Separate the two earbuds


Press and hold your device’s pairing button. Make sure your earbuds are turned “ON”

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Keep your earbuds within 15 cm of your phone.

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OnePlus Buds

  • Fixed the low probability of connection failure
  • Fixed the low probability of abnormal restart

How to Update?

Once your OnePlus earbuds is connected to HeyMelody app
Tap on Firmware update
If there’s any update is available (you’ll be notified instantly)


Tap on Update to download the latest available firmware and stay put until the Update is processed successfully!


  • During the update process, the earbuds will be disconnected from your phone.
  • They will be reconnected when installation is complete.
  • If the earbuds fail to reconnect to your phone, try scanning for your phone or manually connect to it – Stay on the current update screen!


That’s it – Your OnePlus Buds have been updated to the latest version!

For Your Information

  • Do not exit the device update page.
  • Please do not turn off the screen or Bluetooth off.
  • In the context, do not run this app while the update is currently in progress.
  • Keep your phone connected with both earbuds.
  • Do not use your earbuds for phone calls or music functions during the update.


Else – Update will be failed!
Try upgrading your OnePlus Buds without any hiccups again with the above-mentioned tips!

How to customize Earbuds controls?
Connect your OnePlus Earbuds
Navigate to “Earbuds controls”

Under Earbuds controls – Customize the controls of your OnePlus Earbuds

  • Double tap left earbud
  • Double tap right earbud


OnePlus Buds – Set your music free on the go…!
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