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iPhone Secrets That Will Make Your Life Easier

iPhone Secrets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Tips and tricks for the iPhone often involve going the extra mile to do something impressive. It’s quite cool that you can capture a screenshot or silence your iPhone by triple touching its back. However, some people can get by without using their phones for such tasks. My primary concern is spreading the word about a handful of core features that have matured past its trickster days.

The following is a non-exhaustive collection of tips and tricks that can be used to save time and effort while utilizing an iPhone. Simple chores like deleting unnecessary photos from your computer’s photo library will be more quicker and less time-consuming as a result.

One Tap to Scroll Up

If you are scrolling down a webpage and want to go back to the top, tap the top center of the screen next to the front-facing camera. With this tap, you’ll go back up. You can do this not only on web pages, but also in most places on your phone, such as apps and settings screens.

You don’t have to flip-scroll quickly to get back to the top of the screen. Instead, you can just touch the top of the screen. This is how I always get back to the most recent things on Instagram and in my email app. Also, if you’ve ever been taken to the top of a website without knowing why, this may explain why.

Don’t type your entire email address.

Before emojis were easy to find and used all over the operating system, I had a text replacement that would show the Vulcan salute emoji whenever I typed “llap,” which is short for “Live long and prosper.” The point is that you can change any random characters into things you type often or things that are hard to remember. Tap General in the Settings menu. Tap Keyboard, then tap Text Replacement to change what you want to add. I might suggest:

Use “eml” to show your full email address.

Having a text replacement for your home address if you type it often

Putting non-secret codes or other information that doesn’t get used very often here will allow it to grow with a simple command.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to use letters that aren’t often used to make text replacements happen. If you type “email,” for example, it will show your replacement every time you type that word, which could be annoying. As a bonus, these text replacements sync across iCloud, so if you use a Mac or iPad, you can also use them there.

Hide Photos From Hackers and cyber

Within the Photos app, you can hide images from your general photo collection. This will prevent sensitive photographs from being viewed whenever you launch the app in question. To hide a photo, tap on one (or pick several) and then tap the share icon—a box with an upward-pointing arrow. Select the Hide option by scrolling until you reach it.

You may locate images you have hidden by heading to Albums and scrolling until you see Hidden. If you don’t want the Hidden folder to appear at all, you may also conceal it by going to Settings and turning it off under Photos.

iPhone Secrets That Will Make Your Life Easier

Delete Old Screenshots

While tapping on the Albums area of the Photos app and scrolling down to Hidden, you may have noticed different sorts of media that the program automatically separates. Deleting outdated screenshots and screen recordings by tapping on certain portions could be a simple solution to free up additional space. It is also a quick approach to removing random trash from a collection of memories.

Uninstall Applications From The Home Screen (Without Deleting Them)

I’m a minimalist with a problem with apps. I enjoy trying out new apps, particularly writing and to-do apps, but I quickly find myself with dozens of home screens or need to maintain dozens of folders containing programs. I have resorted to removing them from view.

If you long-press an app and then choose Remove App, a dialog box will appear with the options Delete App and Remove From Home Screen. If the icon is removed from the home screen, it will still be accessible in the App Library (swipe left until you reach your App Library). You may always add it to a home screen by reversing the process. Locate the application in the App Library, press and hold it, and then select Add to Home Screen.

Rearrange the Home Screen in a Matter of Seconds, not Hours

If you wish to manage your home screen layouts in a similar manner, you can change entire app screens without moving individual icons. Tap and hold the dots representing the number of displays you have on the Home Screen. The icons will jitter briefly, and you will then view all of your home screens. You can de-select the rectangles you no longer wish to see or rearrange them by dragging them.

Keep in one place the messages from your friends.

You may pin a message in Messages or any other app by tapping and holding on to the message you want to pin. By making that choice, the selected conversation will remain at the very top of your inbox, even when fresh messages arrive. This may be done with multiple persons or groups, and it can help you identify your most frequent conversation partners with ease.

Quickly Lock Your Phone for Enhanced Protection

Face ID and Touch ID may be immediately disabled if you’re concerned about being forced by authorities to unlock your iPhone using biometrics. For iPhone 8 and later, simultaneously press and hold the right button and either volume button for approximately two seconds.

This will bring up a screen where you can turn off your phone, access your Medical ID, or access Emergency SOS. This screen also disables biometrics, requiring you to re-enter your passcode to access the phone.

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