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Microsoft Edge Browser brings kids mode for protected environment while browsing! Details Here

Today, Microsoft is introducing a new Kids Mode for its Edge browser. It’s a free option that’s built right into Microsoft Edge on Windows and macOS, and it’s easy to allow and manage for parents. The mode can be activated by selecting it from the Edge profile option, and it will lock children into the Edge browser, allowing them to access only authorized websites.

Microsoft Edge – Kids Mode Features:

  • This Kids Mode was created with the concept of a parent giving their child a laptop and enabling them to browse the web. You can pick between five to eight years old and nine to twelve years old when you toggle Kids Mode. Edge provides the best tracking security for all age groups, as well as Bing SafeSearch, which filters out adult text, photos, and videos from searches. Microsoft has created an interactive list of 70 popular children’s websites, but parents will need to manually add any additional pages.
  • Microsoft built this Kids Mode around the idea of a parent handing their child a laptop and allowing them to surf the web. When you activate Kids Mode, you can choose between five to eight years old and nine to twelve years old. Edge has the highest level of tracking prevention for all age groups, as well as strict Bing SafeSearch, which filters out adult text, photographs, and videos from searches. Microsoft has provided an automated allow list of 70 famous kids’ sites, but parents may have to add any additional sites manually.
  • There are also options to customize the themes, colors, and new tab background once Kids Mode is available. Microsoft has also partnered with Disney and Pixar to create exclusive themes based on films like The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and others.
  • This special mode disables popular Windows keyboard shortcuts to prevent kids from leaving, but sadly, the same shortcut restrictions aren’t in effect on macOS. When Kids Mode is turned on, an adult must enter their Windows or macOS credentials to exit and return to regular browsing.
  • If a child tries to access a site that isn’t on the registry, they will be directed to a block page where they can request permission from an adult. Kids Mode does not require a Microsoft Account and will not sync your list of supported websites across devices because it is privacy-focused and localized to the user. Unfortunately, if you have more than one shared PC or laptop, you’ll have to create several lists.
  • A news feed with selected stories from MSN for Kids is available on the new tab page in Kids Mode for those aged nine to twelve. The subjects will be more focused on science, fun facts, and animals than on the latest pandemic or geopolitics, so this won’t be current news or an opportunity for your child to get into politics at a young age.
Kids Mode
Credit: Microsoft
Credit: Microsoft

“It’s a free, protected online environment for kids 12 and under that gives parents peace of mind when their kids browse the web on a shared device,When we looked at the other content filtering and control offerings on the market today, we consistently found that most of them require a very lengthy sign-up process or a subscription, and generally don’t offer anything lightweight or catered for kids,”

Divya Kumar, product director of Microsoft Edge


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