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PDF Compression: How to compress large PDF?

It’s possible that you’ve tried to submit a PDF via email on multiple occasions and discovered that the file size is too big. If you often work on presentations that include graphics, photographs, and high-resolution screenshots, a multi-page PDF document can easily become thousands of megabytes in size, which is a direct disadvantage if we choose to send it via email. Fortunately, there are numerous platforms available on the Internet that enable us to compress PDF documents with minimal quality loss. We’ve mentioned some of the most intriguing alternatives below.

Methods To Reduce PDF size:

  • Step1: Just head on to Adobe Acrobat or I luv PDF site or pdfcompressor.com
  • Step2: Drop your pdf by clicking ‘Upload File’ toggle.
  • Step3: hit compress button
  • Your pdf will be compressed and you can download it by clicking ‘download file’ option. That’s it your job is done!

Using Adobe Acrobat:

Adobe has an official tool that we can use to compact our PDF documents from any browser. To do so, we simply need to go to the tool’s website and upload the document we want to shrink. Acrobat will reduce the file’s size and allow us to download it to our computer as soon as we upload it. If we are worried about the document’s consistency, this is a great option because the tool does a fantastic job of optimization. The fact that it is from Adobe is also a huge plus.

PDF Compression
Adobe Acrobat

Using PDF Compressor:

Keeping with the online resources, PDF Compressor is another method to consider. This is a simple tool that allows us to reduce the size of up to 20 PDF files at the same time. Given the above, it could be a viable choice if we need to minimize the size of several files and don’t have a lot of time. The site’s operation is identical to the other choices mentioned in the article, with the added benefit of being able to download individual files or a ZIP file containing all of them. PDF Compressor, like iLovePDF, provides additional tools for dealing with PDF files.

Pdf Compressor

Using I Love PDF:

iLovePDF, a website with several options for working with PDF documents, is another interesting choice (merging documents, splitting documents, conversion to other formats). We can also use the tool to quickly reduce the weight of a PDF document. We will see a button to import the PDF document we want to work with as soon as we visit the website, but we can also drag it directly. After that, we can choose the compression level, which includes less compression, suggested compression, and intense compression. It’s worth noting that the tool allows you to compress several PDF documents at the same time, which is something that most related tools don’t.

I love pdf

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