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Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces a significant number of new features and improvements. In addition to that, the Task Manager is now part of that list. The Efficiency mode will be available in the Task Manager in Windows 11, and it will do exactly what its name suggests it will do.

Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

What is Efficiency Mode in Task Manager?

We’ve all been through this: our system isn’t working as well as it should. And it seems to be having trouble keeping up with any task we try to do. What do we find when we dive into the Task Manager? Some random process is taking up too much space!

Even when they are not being used, some of these resources use CPU, memory, disk, etc. This means that there are less resources for the apps and processes that the user is using at the moment.

We stop those processes when we really need to free up those resources. But that can also sometimes cause trouble. There is a better option, which is efficiency mode. It gives users the choice to slow down some processes that are putting too much strain on the CPU. This will make the time it takes for the foreground to respond go up.

When background processes use up a lot of resources, they also put stress on the hardware, such as by making the temperature rise and the fan noise go up. In the long run, it can even make the battery last less long. It will also save more energy, which will make your battery last longer.

Users will also be able to see which apps are already running in Efficiency mode. This will give you more information about apps that are good citizens and do their jobs well. The new feature is another step in the direction that Microsoft is going with its Sustainable Software.

Does it really work?

Efficiency mode gives users a way to control the availability of resources for certain processes. This gives users more control over how much process resources are used. At the moment, Efficiency mode will only use EcoQos to improve the efficiency of the CPU. In the first step, it makes sense to use the CPU. In the end, it is the one thing that uses the most power and is used the most on modern devices. In future versions, Microsoft plans to add more tools.

Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

The new Quality of Service (QoS) level in Windows is called EcoQos. In EcoQos, Windows changes how the processor is set up, which makes it run faster and use less power.

When you set a process to run in efficiency mode, two things happen. First, the process’s base priority is lowered to low. This makes sure that it doesn’t get in the way of processes that are important to you right now. Second, EcoQos is chosen as the QoS level for the process. When that happens, Windows runs that process in the way that uses the least amount of power and gives the best results.

Microsoft says that using the efficient mode can improve responsiveness by between 14 and 76%. The whole system also has a big effect on how hot the CPU gets by making sure that it doesn’t have to work too hard on background tasks.

How to Enable the Efficiency Mode for an App or Process

  • First, click on the Windows 11 search and type Task Manager. Next, open the Task Manager app from the list of matching results.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • Now switch to the Processes tab on the left pane.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • Now you can see a list of all the apps and processes that are running in the background.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • For example, if most of your CPU is being used by Photoshop, you can expand Photoshop to see all the processes it is running. Select “Efficiency Mode” by right-clicking on the process.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • Click “Turn on Efficiency mode” when asked to confirm.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • The Status column will have a green leaf icon for processes that are in Efficiency Mode.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11
  • To turn off the Efficiency Mode, right-click on the process and uncheck the “Efficiency Mode” box.
Simple steps to enable Efficiency Mode in Windows 11

There you have it! How to turn on and take advantage of Windows 11’s Efficiency Mode. The Windows 11 Efficiency Mode is a great new feature that may extend the life of your battery. Leave a comment below if you need additional assistance with enabling Efficiency mode or maximizing battery life in Windows 11.

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