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Top 10 Amazing Telegram Features you must know!

Telegram Tips And Tricks!

In the recent times you would have heard lots of speculations on Whatsapp’s privacy policy updation. Yes, this change in privacy policy affects our privacy a lot more, making even our personal chats being monitored by the company. So many people would be searching for better alternative, I hope this blog helps you. Telegram is another familer messaging app next to Whatsapp. Let’s see it’s top features which will make you think it’s betterment over Whatsapp.


Basic stuffs on Telegram :

Telegram is an excellent application aimed at enhancing and safer chats. Telegram not only offers enhanced security with features including end-to-end encryption and self-destruction, but also allows you to greatly personalise the interface and experience. Telegram is a cloud based messaging application that allow you to use both for personal and professional use. Let’s dive into it’s top features.
1) Animated Stickers: 
Tired of boring emojis! It’s time to check some animated stickers on telegram which gives a different perception to your chats.
2) Editing a sent message: 
Do you ever send a message, and find out a glaring form within a few seconds? Well, on Telegram there is an edit icon. You just have to pick and tap the “Pen” icon above and can edit the message quickly. However, after you have made the changes, it gives you a “Edited” mark. Furthermore, there are no time limits for Telegram editing messages. You can only edit messages for up to 48 hours (for ever when the messages are posted in your chat).
3) Silent Messages: 
Often we know our known ones, who research or sleep or attend meetings, but without upsetting them we want to give them a number of messages. Well, there’s a feature called Telegram Silent Messages. Basically, you can send out messages and no sound or vibration will occur even when the receiver doesn’t turn DND on. It’s brilliant, okay? To use this feature, tap and hold the “send” button, and then enter your message. Click “Send without sound” here and you’re done.
4) Schedule Messages
Scheduling is an ideal way for busy consumers to achieve certain things. We use email scheduling already a lot, but it is cool that Telegram carries messages with it. Just press and hold down the “Send” button, as you have seen above, to schedule a post. Select “Schedule message” here and select the date and time. Your choice is to give the post. It helps you to send Birthday wishes to your friends and families on time!!
5) Both End Deletion
You can definitely erase messages you’ve been sending, but Telegram has a new function to remove messages sent by other users in their device also. This is a little odd, but for users who give priority to privacy will be useful. To use this function, simply select the message received and tap the Delete button. Now pick “Remove for X,” then type “Remove.” Remove. The message would vanish without any trace from both ends.
6) Chat Folders for easy access: 
Chat folders are one of the best telegram tricks you can know and use for your benefit. In Telegram of various types we follow so many channels and groups, not to mention the individual chats. With all these talks in one panel it is much difficult to disassociate and make mess sense of stuff. Telegram has implemented “chat folders” in order to solve this problem. This helps you to categorise your chats into various labels and to sort things out by telegram. Telegram is also super clean and much easier to handle. I just love it!
7) Some Privacy Tips: 
i)  One of the worst aspects of messaging applications is that someone can add you without active permission to random groups. But the good thing is that Telegram provides you with an opportunity to fully disable it. The desired settings can be changed from the menu Settings -> Privacy and security-> Groups -> My Contacts and selected to “Never Allow” for all telegram users. How much I love this Telegram trick, I can’t say to you.
ii)  If you want to restrict public people looking at you display pictures (DP), phone number, last seen status,etc. there is an option for that too in telegram. Just head on too Settings>privacy and security and you can select the option you want. 
8) Easy to Change Phone Numbers: 
One of the things I love about Telegram is that the service allows me to change my phone number on my account without losing my previous chats. It is also pretty easy to do if you want to update your telegram number. Tap Settings first then tap your mobile number.
Basically, all your messages will be transferred to a new number and all current Telegram contacts will be automatically added to your new number with the exception of blocked contacts. Sharing your new number with everyone is much better then. To change the number, enter the new number and follow the procedure in your screen by clicking on the “Change number.”
9) Easy to Share Uncompressed Photos and Videos: 
You can submit uncompressed media with the WhatsApp and other messaging apps by changing the media extension to a PDF or EXE device. You need not use these hacky routes on Telegram to send uncompressed media files. Simply pick your media and hit the three-point menu, then pick “Send without compression” and it’s that.


10) Multiple Accounts on Telegram: 
Users will also have several accounts using the latest update on telegram. It’s perfect for people  who like to keep their personal chats and other business channels  separate. Tap the arrow next to your name and tap ‘Add Account‘ to add a new account.
You simply enter the new number and follow the procedure , after you have done so. You can switch between your accounts once you have built an account by clicking on the down arrow and choosing the account you would like to choose.
I hope these features helps you to know Telegram application a lot better now. Any queries can be posted in comments section. Thank you. Be safe!

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