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Types Of Online Scams: Beware of These!

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In 2025, India is expected to surpass 927 million internet users, implying a proportional increase in the number of hackers online. This is a beware alarm for all smartphone/internet users. We must be aware of the various ways in which many online scams can target us in order to steal our money or identity. So, here are some of the different types of online scams that can be used against you and which you should avoid. So kindly read fully so that you’ll get an idea about various types of online scams occurring these days.


Fraud on OLX:

olx scam

As you all know OLX is a platform to sell old products but at the same time, fraudulent sellers exist there too. Frauds on OLX have become increasingly common in recent years. This type of fraud also affected Kejriwal’s (Delhi’s Chief Minister) daughter.  Fraudsters impersonate legitimate sellers and take money from buyers without delivering the product.  Many fake sellers have pretended to be Indian Army personnel on OLX in the past in order to gain the trust of buyers and then defraud them. So kindly pay attention while buying products via OLX.

Email Scams or Phishing:

Phishing is one of the most common types of online fraud, in which criminals impersonate a legitimate company or person to steal your personal information.  Phishing is a type of fraud in which fraudsters send fake emails and hyperlinks to users in order to steal their banking and other sensitive financial information.  The majority of these emails contain attachments or links to fake websites where you are asked to enter your UPI code or bank account information. Keep in mind that clicking on such links can infect your computer with viruses or malware.

Theft of One’s Identity:

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In this type of fraud, a hacker steals your identity and poses as you, requesting loans and financial aid from banks and friends/family. If these loans are approved, you will be responsible for paying them back.  These hackers also use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to contact your friends and ask for money while posing as you. So it’s better to lock your social profiles so that you can avoid such things.

Scams about Working from Home:

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This is a type of scam in which a scammer promises people an online job in exchange for a large sum of money in exchange for just a few hours of work.  To take advantage of the opportunity and receive the online job kit, these job seekers must deposit a certain amount of money.  These scammers vanish without a trace after the money is deposited.

Fraudulent Online Shopping:

online shopping scam
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Hackers create a fake shopping website and invite people via fancy ads to buy items from it at extremely low prices in online shopping fraud.  After you make a payment, the website may either ship you a fake product or you may never receive it.  The Escobar Phone is an excellent example of this type of con, and many people have been duped into ordering the phone from its official website under the false promise of receiving a foldable phone for less than Rupees 30,000.

Fraudulent Use of Credit Card Reward Points:

credit scam
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In India, there are millions of people who use credit cards. When a user makes a purchase, points are added to their cards. Fraudsters take advantage of this system.  Certain bad actors promise credit cardholders assistance in redeeming their reward points in this type of fraud.  They also try to instill a sense of urgency in customers by stating that the offer is about to expire.  Many cardholders become panicked as a result of this, and they frequently make the mistake of sharing card information with fraudsters.


In today’s world, we are confronted with an increasing number of obstacles in our daily lives. We are the ones who will create our roadblocks, and we must confront them. We must safeguard our possessions, and we must be aware of what we do, what we have done, and what we intend to do. There are numerous methods for safeguarding our personal information when using the internet. So kindly beware of these online scams

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