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Use these services to determine whether a YouTube is fake or not

There are thousands of new videos uploaded to YouTube every single day, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell which ones real and which ones are fake. The authenticity of videos can be checked using any one of a number of user-friendly services; here, we highlight the four most reliable options.

YouTube Metadata:

YouTube Metadata (https://mattw.io/youtube-metadata/). The service conducts an exhaustive investigation of the video’s metadata. You will learn when the video was published, where it was published, and by whom it was published. You can even discover the precise number of subscribers and views that your video has received. Simply sending a link to the video will do the trick.

Extract Meta Data (https://citizenevidence.amnestyusa.org/). This website also performs a check on the metadata to validate whether or not the preceding service was inaccurate. You will be informed of the date and time that the video was uploaded to the hosting service for videos. After inserting the link, click the “Go” button.

YouTube Geofind tool:

Utilize the YouTube Geofind tool, which can be found at (https://mattw.io/youtube-geofind/location). A helpful application that looks for videos based on their geolocation. If you click on a region of the map, you will be able to view all of the videos that were uploaded from that specific location. This information will be helpful in determining whether the video was uploaded by an eyewitness or by another person.

Watch Frame-by-frame:

Frame-by-frame can be found online at (http://www.watchframebyframe.com/). The video is broken up into individual frames, and the playback speed is slowed down, enabling you to make out important details that were previously hidden from view during a normal viewing. Simply paste the link into the appropriate spot, then select “Watch video.”

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