Hyundai Exter EV Spied First Time Excepting Launch in 2024!!!

Hyundai Exter EV Spied First Time Excepting Launch in 2024!!!
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Hyundai Exter has created a strong challenge. It was launched in July 2023 at a starting price of Rs 5.99 lakh. This battle will soon be played in the EV space as well. This is the first time the Exter EV has been spotted on the road. Hyundai hasn’t wasted any time in starting the trial of Exter EV. The launch of Exter EV is planned for next year, 2024.

Hyundai Exter EV Range & Specs:

This EV will be the first Entry-level car in India. As per Hyundai has premium-range EVs are only sold in models like the IONIQ 5 and Kona EVs. Hyundai is also currently working on Casper EVs, which have similarities to Exter EVs. The Exter EV has large dimensions in comparison to the Casper EV. It would get a battery pack of 25–30 kWH on the Exter EV, whose range is likely about 300–350 KM.

In this segment, competitors like the Citron eC3 got a range of 320 km, and the MG Comet EV got 230 km on a full charge. Indian automotive maker TATA Tiago has two variants with a 250 km range and another with a 315 km range, except TATA Punch will get this range. An intense battle is excepting Exter EV and Punch EV.

Hyundai Exter EV Styling Features and Pricing:

This Exter EV will have similar styling to the ICE sibling; there must be some changes on the front side. As per the spy shorts, this EV will be seen with new wheels, except with more features inside as per the ICE Exter. Hyundai Exter will play a key role in deciding who takes the lead in micro-segment of the SUV/EV segment ICE models of Exter and TATA Punch’s close prices in CNG were leading with a price of 7 lakh, and Exter’s CNG price was 8 lakh. Hyundai is following an aggressive pricing strategy for its upcoming Exter EV.


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