Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Launch of PS5 in India: Possibly stocks will be minimal

 Launch of PS5 in India with minimal stock

Image credit: Sony

Despite the global release of the console over a month ago, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) India launch schedule remains unclear as Sony continues to be tightened. On many occasions, the company has gone back and forth on the date of release of PS5 India. Rumor’s previously suggested that the company had intended to launch the console sometime in January. Initially proved false, the knowledge seems to hold some water after all. Rishi Alwani of The Mako Reactor, India’s leading player for all PS5, came into contact with some of Sony India’s retail partners who said that the PS5 India launch could take place sometime in January 2021. Pre-orders for the console are reported to start mid-December, or just about now. Store managers at these retail outlets told Alwani that Sony would make an official announcement shortly.

In India, PS5 stocks will be minimal

Before finally getting excited about the launch of PS5 in India, the retail stories cited in the study reported that a small number of consoles would be available at the time of launch. Like the Xbox Series X, we should expect the PS5 consoles to shoot off the shelf minutes after they’re available for pre-order.

There is even more bad news for people who are hoping to snag a copy of the console via retail networks. Like the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, the lion’s share of India’s PS5 stock will go to major online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon, leaving just a handful of offline sales units. To make matters worse, only a handful of Sony-approved outlets will store PlayStation 5, which means that it may take a while before you can snag one off your local electronics store. Retail stores in metro cities will be prioritized over other outlets, similar to what occurred at the time of the launch of PS4 and PS3.

Finally, those hoping to get a cheaper PS5 Digital Version (Rs 39,990) would be more disappointed because of even lower availability. The market for the digital version has been very lackluster all over the world, so it’s understandable to Sony why he doesn’t want to make a lot of those at a time when demand for the PS5 is sky-high.

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