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Global tech pioneer in foldable phone technology, Samsung is offering a refined foldable clamshell in the Galaxy Z Flip and a much-improved larger screen in the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Pioneering work in the foldable space reveals that the transition enables a larger tablet to be viewed.

The company’s display arm, Samsung Display, may have given a hint of potential folding phone designs, as it recently gave a glimpse of a multi-folding smartphone. The accompanying photo shows a folding gadget with a Z-style folding mechanism in which the left third of the display folds inward and forward of the middle third. In addition, the right third of the panel can be folded backwards, behind the middle third of the display, thereby offering a portable device compared to non-foldable screens.

There are some advantages inherent in the folding display design. Of course, when folded out the user would have a much larger tablet experience compared to the existing foldable one. It is also doubtful that the design would result in a low-profile phone experience, as was seen years ago when the original Foldable had a very small phone screen.


The key concern for a multi-layer design such as that proposed by Samsung is its longevity and lifespan. The folding phones of the first generation had major hinge-related problems, and thus adding a second hinge would also have had serious challenges to address before such folding displays were made.

Many people can choose to buy a multi-talented phone for a variety of reasons, particularly if the price is good and the phone is rough enough. However there are also others who may choose other foldable options, and others who are simply not interested in either foldable or foldable options.

It’s possible that the introduction of a second folding point would result in a second display crease, but this is just a minor issue because Samsung has come up with a good fold with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 offering.

Samsung Display did not issue a timetable for the launch of folding phones with a multi-folding design. But we would expect Samsung to be the first manufacturer to implement this technology.


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