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OnePlus files a patent for Bezel Camera Setup.

Smartphone manufacturers are trying to conceal the Selfie front camera in various ways so that it doesn’t hamper the big and brilliant screens’ immersive viewing experience. Placing the camera on the chin, a pop-up camera, swivel camera, tiny hole punch cutout, and even the under-display camera system that is now making inroads are among the forms we have already seen. Every such solution, however, comes combined with compromises that allow users to continue innovating in order for brands to find the perfect configuration.

Credit : Oneplus

OnePlus Camera Setup on Bezels

Today, it seems that OnePlus is seeking to achieve its unique approach by housing a selfie camera into the smartphones’ bezel. This new patent, which the people of Lets Go Digital-first discovered, describes that the smartphone has an OLED display and a small hole on the bezel, in turn, has a “transparent plate,” as well as glass with which we interact

The article also points to the slightly smaller hole than the other cutouts in the punch hole that we have used, the bezel on the patent allegedly is smaller than the smartphones of a few years ago.

We should know further informations on this new technology on upcoming days.


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