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Sony is preparing to release its upcoming INZONE H-series headset. The headsets are primarily intended for gaming and include designs and elements tailored to the needs of gamers. We learned everything we know about Sony’s upcoming INZONE H-series earphones from insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, also known as Onleaks. INZONE H3, INZONE H7, and INZONE H9 earphones are included in the series. Each of the three includes 360-degree spatial sound for gaming. We should look into the designs and components of each of Sony’s INZONE H-series earphones.


Beginning with the Sony INZONE H3, this is the only wired item on today’s list. The device includes a black mic steam attached to the left earcup of the headphone, as well as the wire to connect the headphone. Sony branding can be seen on the headband. It has 360-degree spatial sound for gaming.

The headphone features an LED indicator, a USB Type-C port, a noise-cancelling/Ambient Sound Mode button, and a volume scroll wheel beneath the microphone. Inside the box, Sony INZONE H3 includes a USB splitter cable.


The second headphone on the list is the Sony INZONE H7. It has the option of wireless connectivity. The headphones resemble the INZONE H3 but have a different button layout. A white mic steam is attached to the left earcup of the INZONE H7 headphone. The Sony branding is housed in a slightly different location than on the INZONE H3.

The right earcup of the Sony INZONE H7 houses a GAME/CHAT button, a Bluetooth button for pairing the device, and a power on/off button. It includes a USB Type-C cable as well as a USB dongle for connecting the device to a computer. Sony INZONE H7 has 360-degree spatial sound for gaming.


Sony INZONE H9 headphones are gaming headphones and the top-tier INZONE H-series headphones. The device looks similar to the Sony INZONE H7, but it has an LED light. The Sony Inzone H9 has the same microphone and button layout as the Sonu INZONE H7.

To connect the device to a computer, we also get the same USB Type-C cable and a USB dongle. The Sony INZONE H9, on the other hand, is the only headphone on the list that includes noise-cancelling for supercharged hearing and super sharp reflexes, as well as 360 spatial sound for gaming.

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