LinkedIn to Introduce AI-Based Coach to Enhance User Experience

LinkedIn, the prominent professional social media network, is stepping up its focus on artificial intelligence (AI) integration. The platform is reportedly developing an AI-powered assistant known as ‘LinkedIn Coach.’ This AI coach is designed to aid users in various aspects of their professional journey.

App researcher Nima Owji recently shared insights about the upcoming feature, tweeting about the development of “LinkedIn Coach.” The AI assistant is expected to assist users with job applications, skill development, and network expansion. Users will be able to ask the chatbot questions related to its functionality and other queries.

While an official announcement about the exact features and release date is yet to be made, LinkedIn has been actively incorporating AI into its services. Last month, they introduced an AI function that automatically creates a first draft for users when they submit a brief message outline. This feature is undergoing testing before being rolled out to all users.

Additionally, LinkedIn unveiled the AI-generated Copy Suggestions tool, which uses data from an advertiser’s LinkedIn Page to create high-performing intro text and headlines for ad creatives. The platform has plans to expand the tool’s functionality, languages, and accessibility following its current testing phase in North America.

LinkedIn’s continuous efforts to leverage AI aim to enhance user experience, streamline processes, and provide valuable insights to both individuals and companies using the platform.


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