Meta’s Threads: 150 Million Sign-ups but Mixed Daily Usage Success

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Meta's Threads: 150 Million Sign-ups but Mixed Daily Usage Success

Meta’s Threads, often dubbed as the potential “Twitter killer,” has recently achieved a significant milestone, crossing 150 million sign-ups. However, the platform’s daily usage statistics tell a different story, with a notable decline in active users and time spent on the app.

According to Sensor Tower data, Threads experienced a 20% decrease in daily active users since its debut on July 5. Additionally, Similarweb reported a sharp drop of over 25% in daily active users on Android phones globally, accompanied by a more than 50% reduction in usage time.

While the initial figures may not be promising, industry experts suggest that it’s still early days for Threads. As Meta introduces more Twitter-like features and refines the platform, the daily usage may witness an upward trend, and Threads might achieve the momentum it aims for.

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In response to the data, a company spokesperson expressed excitement about Threads’ initial success, surpassing their expectations. They highlighted that the team’s current focus is on maintaining stable performance, introducing new features, and continually enhancing the user experience in the coming months.

India Leading in Downloads, Global Distribution Insights reports that India is leading in terms of app downloads, contributing to 33% of global installations. Brazil follows closely with 22%, and the United States accounts for 16% of downloads. However, it’s essential to note that these are early indicators, and future trends could evolve differently.

Interestingly, Elon Musk, who heads Meta, mentioned that usage on Twitter has observed a 3.5% increase worldwide. This implies that Twitter, despite facing challenges, continues to attract users and generate engagement.

As part of Meta’s strategy to boost its financial performance, the micro-blogging platform is planning to share ad revenue from profile page views, aiming to attract advertisers and generate revenue streams. Nevertheless, Musk acknowledged that Twitter is still grappling with financial challenges, with advertising revenue experiencing a massive 50% drop and significant debt from the past.

In conclusion, Meta’s Threads has witnessed mixed success with impressive sign-ups but a decline in daily usage. With further updates and enhancements, Threads may have the potential to compete with Twitter and build a thriving user base.


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