Microsoft Rolls Out Bing AI to Chrome and Safari

Microsoft is expanding the reach of its advanced language model, ChatGPT-4, by bringing Bing AI support to Google Chrome and Safari browsers. The tech giant has been gradually rolling out the feature to select users, allowing them to access Bing AI directly from the taskbar in Windows 10 and 11. With native dark mode support and enhanced themes, Bing AI promises an engaging experience for users.

Introducing Bing AI to Google Chrome and Safari

Microsoft’s ChatGPT-4, powered by Bing AI, has been available to Microsoft Edge users since February. Now, the company is extending its accessibility by introducing to Chrome and Safari browsers. The rollout has begun, with more users expected to gain access in the coming days or weeks.

Enhanced User Experience with Native Dark Mode Support

One of the standout features of Bing AI in Chrome is the native dark mode support. When accessed in Chrome, the background switches to a black hue, matching the dark theme of Microsoft Edge. This ensures a seamless transition between the two browsers, providing a consistent user experience.

Limitations and Future Enhancements

While Bing AI’s expansion is a welcome move, it does come with some limitations compared to its native integration in Microsoft Edge. Users have reported that Chrome’s Bing supports only five messages per conversation, as opposed to 30 in Edge. Additionally, Chrome limits character count to 2,000, while Edge supports 4,000.

However, Microsoft is actively working on a feature called “No search” or “ChatGPT-like mode” for Bing AI. This new feature will reduce the search engine’s reliance and enable Bing AI to respond to users using its AI capabilities, similar to ChatGPT.

With the introduction of to Chrome and Safari, Microsoft is aiming to offer a consistent and enhanced AI-powered experience to more users. Bing AI’s expansion opens new possibilities for seamless interactions and personalized responses, as Microsoft continues to refine and evolve its language model.

Stay tuned for more updates on Bing AI and its future advancements!


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